Drake Speaks Out

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good wolf drake.
i loved everything he had to say.

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14 thoughts on “Drake Speaks Out

  1. I think people need to stay on topic.Today we are dealing with this issue of police use of excessive force.I just commented on IG to someone talking about black on black crime in places like Chicago.Of course that’s an issue but that’s not what we are discussing today.To me that’s like going to an AIDS walk and screaming Cure Cancer Now.They are both important issues that are killing people but can we focus on the issue at hand.

    1. Thank you! Stay focused people! There are plenty of problems that still need to have their day! Just because black on black crime IS a problem doesn’t mean police brutality ISN’T! Just because homophobia is alive and well out here doesn’t negate the fact that police brutality is rampant in the United States, (which is spreading over here too, it’s contagious)

  2. Did he release a detailed statement after 49 GAY people got shot to death in Orlando? I’ll never understand how some gay black people rush to support Black Lives Matter and other Celebs who see your gay life as an abomination. If a out Gay Black man was gunned down by a white cop there would be crickets coming from the Black community. It’s true and you can convince yourself of whatever you wish.

    1. Stop Peg,

      My Facebook timeliness was filled with sympathy for the victims in Orlando from the “BLACK COMMUNITY,” so you can go somewhere with those lies and also black celebrities showed sympathy as well.

      1. Dee Jay

        “Lies?” No it’s the damn truth and just because you don’t like hearing it doesn’t make it go away. This very website reported on Nicki Minaj blocking a fan for asking why she never mentioned the Orlando victims. Drake, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and scores of others didn’t say a damn thing about those 49 people killed just weeks ago. Now I’m waking up to see black NFL players voicing outrage? Really? Please miss me with this bullsh**t! Black Lives Matter as long as you’re not a disgusting homosexual or transexual. Period end of story!

    2. You’re getting this real twisted. Bringing up situations that aren’t similar at all and spreading negativity, you need to stop and solve that hatred in yourself. You seem to not be affected by the video and that says a lot.

      In one situation a man snapped and was killed afterwards. In another you have officers escalating a situation to life and death for absolutely no damn reason, then they’ll probably get away with it just because he had a gun to protect himself after all these damn shootings ‚úč

      1. Dee

        Nice try at shifting the conversation. My comment speaks to the reactions (or lackthereof) of celebrities like Drake and countless others who didn’t say a damn word about Orlando, yet you spineless Black Gay dudes continue to feel like you have a duty to defend them when they see your and disgusting deviants. So again, My comments aren’t about the police’s actions, they are about the REACTIONS by celebs and athletes.

        LMAO @ “Stay Woke” gays..

    3. I’m not understanding how you think these situations are similar, could you explain?

      Why should they have to mention the Orlando situation when the justice has already been served? That man is dead. This is a random black man that was shot and is probably not going to receive any kind of justice.

      You’re the one that’s brain washed. Instead of supporting a man murdered, you’re bringing up something else. You remind me of these people out here trying to negate the #BlackLivesMatter movement by trying to say #AllLivesMatter, miss me with that negative bull.

      1. @Dee,

        Slowly walk away, because Peg is not being rational at all or wiling to have a dialogue about the matter and is only speaking from his viewpoint. I was speaking on facts in regards to the Orlando shooting that he brought up in regards to my timeline being filled with sympathy from the black community. Also, it wouldn’t hurt Peg to use Bing or Google to look up different black celebrities that showed sympathy for the Orlando massacre.

  3. this might come off as me being cold or uncaring but that far from the truth. I became desensitized. I am like here we go again another one.
    I’m like this until the U.S justice department step in put a stop too this,, it’s going to keep on.

  4. I am glad to hear Drake and many other celebrities offering condolences and speaking up ranging from: Zendaya, Chuck D, DL Hughley, Mc Hammer, Bernie Sanders, Jesse Williams, Haley from Paramore, Amy Schumer, Bridget Kelly, Rashida Jones, Gabby Sidibae, Issa Rae, Tyler James Williams, Amanda Seales, Josh Gad, Ron Pearlman, Isaac Hayes III, Andy Richter, Constance Zimmer, Nancy Sinatra, Lena Dunham, Andy Cohen, Sherri Shepherd, Alessia Cara, Talib Kweli, Amanda Steinberg, Wiz Khalifa, DeRay McKesson, Keke Palmer, and Sevyn.

    Off topic: It is sad that forum members would rush in a post if a dick is being posted, but are ghost when a life is taken (SMH).






    1. I think people are afraid to address these issues as I feel they want to imagine that these issues don’t exist. I think sometimes people don’t know what to say.

  5. I love that his music speaks to people from various socio-economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds yet, he’s able to speak in a voice that policy makers can clearly understand. Kudos to Aubrey!

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