Drake Speaks Out

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good wolf drake.
i loved everything he had to say.

taken: instagram

RIP To Another One: Alton Sterling

tumblr_o9x9vjnf6w1sckutuo1_1280now let’s get to the serious stuff.
i sat at my desk today,
and watched in horror,
as another black wolf was killed senselessly by the police.
i almost wanted to leave earlier because i felt so sick.
the snow kind were going about their day as normal.
some probably had no opinion or even cared about the story.
well this time,
the tragic end came to alton sterling.
he was gunned down,
in point blank range,
by an officer who had no business with a gun.
alton was already on the ground and pretty much restrained.
this video,
which is VERY graphic,
details the entire scenario.
when you are ready,
you can head downward…
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