RIP To Another One: Alton Sterling

tumblr_o9x9vjnf6w1sckutuo1_1280now let’s get to the serious stuff.
i sat at my desk today,
and watched in horror,
as another black wolf was killed senselessly by the police.
i almost wanted to leave earlier because i felt so sick.
the snow kind were going about their day as normal.
some probably had no opinion or even cared about the story.
well this time,
the tragic end came to alton sterling.
he was gunned down,
in point blank range,
by an officer who had no business with a gun.
alton was already on the ground and pretty much restrained.
this video,
which is VERY graphic,
details the entire scenario.
when you are ready,
you can head downward…

all because he was selling cds outside of a store.
he had a gun in his pocket,
but it wasn’t in his hand as the two officers pinned him to the ground.
so they pretty much killed him just to kill him.

this image and video will forever haunt me tho:


when i say i had to go to the bathroom to cry?
that completely broke my heart.
i have so much anger and confusion about this story,
like the others i have posted,
but i also have so many questions.
i’ll leave with this one:

Why are they killing us like animals?

i simply just don’t know anymore.
it probably won’t get any better either.
please be careful out there.

rip atlon sterling

i will send my prayers to his family,
especially his “now” fatherless cub in that video.

lowkey: should he have even been on that stage?
that poor cub.

13 thoughts on “RIP To Another One: Alton Sterling

  1. It is just so sad man. The officers already had him pinned down, but still feel threatened for some reason, so they shot him, and not to mention that he was already unarmed. You should never lose your life resisting arrest as long as you are unarmed, period.

    No one talks about this as much, but these officers are not being trained right and are not fit to be officers. Y’all know anyone can be an officer right, you do not need no degree for it. All they do is put them in the academy for a few months. That needs to change.

    1. I was on another forum a while back and brought up that police officers should be required to have a bachelor or masters degree at minimum with additional courses in interpersonal, sociological, and psychological courses. It takes patience and individuals that have a calm and friendly demeanor to deal with people.

  2. Ya’ll. There’s another video coming out of Minnesota tonight. A police officer shot someone. This video is 20x worse than Alton Sterling.

    I sent it to J. You can find it on twitter if you’re curious. Watch the whole thing.

    omg. I’m literally at a loss for words.

    1. The wife said that he told the police officer he had a fun and they arrested her and questioned her at the station. I hope she was intelligent enough to not mess up charges being pursued against the officer (s).

  3. In a a week or so ,on July 17,will be the second anniversary of the choking death of Eric Garner by NYPD.They claimed he was selling loose cigarettes.I just watched that video from 2014.I just watched him gasping for air and repeatedly say “I can’t breath” as several officers restrained him.One officer has his knee on his head ,another has him in a choke hold.

    Michael Brown,Tamir Rice,Freddie Gray and too many more to list have been killed by police.Yesterday Alton Sterling joined the list,another hash tag.After watching this video a few hours ago, I couldn’t breath .I can’t recall ever seeing a video that graphic that was of a real person not an actor in a movie.If I knew it was so graphic when I saw it pop up on my TL ,I probably would not have clicked on it.But I needed to see it ,to see the ugly reality of a man selling CDs life cut short buy a cop who didn’t see a human being,IMO.
    Prayers and condolences to Alton’s family

  4. I think the problem is that we’re scared to die by the hands of the police, and we’re scared to die to protect our right to live. If we don’t revolt, this will NEVER end in America.

    1. Our ancestors werect afraid to die for our freedoms if it meant our people as a whole would be better off. These days we are out for self

  5. This really got to me today. I literally shed tears. The video of his wife and son during the press conference was heartbreaking but the video of him being shot, gasping for air, and trying to cling on to life in cold blood after being shot made me breakdown.

    I’m so tired of this shit. The videos of murder. The hashtags. The defamation of character. All of it. It’s such a pervasive and deep-rooted problem that I don’t know where to begin. And of course “they” will play ostrich and act as if this isn’t really a systematic issue or him having a gun (in an open carry state mind you) is really why he got murdered. I’m just preparing myself to be upset because they’re already trying to paint a negative picture of him.

    This world is so fucked up and so is America. Between stuff like this, terrorism, and this fucking election I just want to disengage from the world for a few months.

  6. I’m at a loss but also know we can’t continue to allow these senseless murders. The cops in all these incidents will go free no matter how much video evidence there is. Which brings me to why do we as a people to continue to look and video and do nothing. I mean it has gotten to the point where we need to walk up on theseveral police and let then know they are being taped and they are violating rights of another and to back the fuck off.

    Black lives only matter to us so it’s time to take authority as a people and stand up and not just use our phones to video…a call to 911 just may have saved him or hell..amy thing other than us standing there. They kill us because we let them. Malcolm x warned about this

    1. They were doing this before, during, and after the civil rights movement at a much higher rate. Also, it has been done before with the police being notified that they are being recorded and citizens phone have been take and worst evidence deleted, so the person that recorded the incident may have taken the best option and saved his or her life (I hope the person that recorded this life is not in danger or is not harassed).

  7. Cop will say he “feared for his life; victim was resisting; had a criminal history…etc.”

    No charges will be filed. Or, if they are…ACQUITTAL. Same script, different cast.

    CNN pundits are already feeding those cops their lines.

    The police ROUTINELY overreact to black people. When you have been CONDITIONED to believe that black people are more violent and are more prone to crime than any other race, this is the outcome. This is why white women hold their purses when we walk by, this is why black kids are suspended in schools at a higher rate, this is why black patients receive LESS pain medication in emergency rooms, this is why black people are more likely to be charged with felonies by district attorneys…..I’ll just stop right here.

    This makes me sick.


    1. And they will use the defense that he had a gun…but police are trained to use equal force to combat equal force..meaning if the gun was pointed at him then the office can fire. I think alton was telling them he had a gun and they panicked but yet they disarm many white people daily without killing them. It’s an excuse to commit legal homicide

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