RIP Philando Castile

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 6.52.23 PM…and another one.
our tears didn’t even dry when before you know it,
another black wolf was gunned down in cold blood.
this time,
the murder of philando castile was next up in:

“the police hates us”

a broken tail light.
it was all recorded on facebook live by his fiance,
diamond reynolds.
the following contains EXTREMELY GRAPHIC FOOTAGE.
if you are ready,

As Philando Castile’s head slumps backward while he lies dying next to her, Diamond Reynolds looks into the camera and explains a Minnesota police officer just shot her fiancé four times.

The nation is, by now, accustomed to grainy cell phone videos of officer-involved shootings, but this footage from Falcon Heights, outside Minneapolis, is something different, more visceral: a woman live-streaming a shooting’s aftermath with the police officer a few feet away, his gun still trained on her bloody fiancé.
“He let the officer know that he had a firearm and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm,” Reynolds said as she broadcast the Wednesday evening shooting on Facebook.
Castile, an African-American, was a school nutrition services supervisor who was popular among his colleagues and students, according to his employer.
He had been pulled over for a broken taillight, Reynolds explained on the Facebook video. He told the officer he was armed and had a concealed carry permit, she said. Her daughter, 4, was in the back seat.
As she speaks, Castile’s wrists are crossed. Blood covers the bottom of his white T-shirt sleeve and a large area around his sternum and left rib cage. Perhaps in shock or agony, he peers emptily upward. At one point, he moans in pain as she describes the situation.
Though you can’t see the St. Anthony police officer’s face, you can hear the agitation in his voice as he tells Reynolds to keep her hands visible.
Composed, as she remains through much of the video, Reynolds replies, “I will, sir, no worries. I will.”
The officer still sounds distressed as he explains, “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to get his hand off it.”
Moments later, Reynolds pleads with God and then the officer as she realizes Castile won’t make it.
“Please don’t tell me this, Lord. Please, Jesus, don’t tell me that he’s gone,” she said. “Please, officer, don’t tell me that you just did this to him. You shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, sir.”
She continues pleading outside the car as officers approach her with guns drawn. One orders her to her knees. The phone films the sky.
“Please Jesus, no. Please no. Please no, don’t let him be gone,” Reynolds says before officers place her and her daughter in a police cruiser.
Later, at Hennepin County Medical Center, her fears were confirmed: Her fiancé was gone, just a week and a half before his 33rd birthday.

…and he still had the gun drawn on him.
and then a cub saw that entire thing?
i’m bawling writing this story.
i cannot believe i witnessed two black wolves taking their last breaths.
in the course of two days.

what do we do when a cop comes up to us?
do we stay quiet?
do we drop to the floor?
wtf do we do?
wtf d0 we tell the cubs to do?

i’m so emotionally drained.
rip to philando castile and my prayers go to diamond and his family.


article taken: cnn

donate to philando castile gofundme: here

17 thoughts on “RIP Philando Castile

  1. I had a hard time not getting emotional to these incidents. I couldn’t watch the longer video, it’s just too painful. I don’t consider myself an emotional person, but both of these stories got to me. These men were both killed for literally doing nothing. I honestly don’t even know what to say… I’m disgusted by this. I want to do something, but I don’t know what to do, I feel helpless.

    I’m going to go in on a slight off topic but relevant tirade:

    Anyone who even tries to argue that racism/ignorance (whatever) doesn’t exist will be written off as a straight up idiot by me and I won’t even entertain the argument. There are arguments claiming that the statistics that are PROVEN are false and that we (black people) are convoluting these stories to suit our “narratives” (using white people and slavery as a scape goat to promote anti-white propaganda)-when it’s actually the OTHER way around.

    I’m going to settle this once and for all. White people. You are NOT, and never WERE VICTIMS! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take responsibility for your own actions and learn and understand about how your ancestors played a huge hand in why our people are the way you say they are instead of blaming them for not pulling themselves out of the convoluted vacuum system they were put in by YOUR ancestors. Blaming our people for living and staying in inner cities when they know damn well they’re stuck in a cycle and government that is DESIGNED to be against them, and then WONDERING why there’s high crime rate and insufficient education. Opportunities are NOT equal for all and it’s those opportunities that can and will make the difference.

    I’m so over the BS!

  2. Oh Lord I’m reading that two snipers have shot 10 cops in Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest.Three dead.I pray this is not true ,killing cops is not the answer.

    1. The shooter(s) are in FULL tactical gear. Camouflage. The attack was triangulated. Assault weapons. Alleged bombs. This was planned and carried out by professionals. Don’t let them pin this in Black Lives Matter. It’s not adding up.

      This was/is a militarized attack. Texas is a hot bed for fringe anti-government groups. Something like this had to have been planned WELL in advance. NOT within the last 48hrs when news broke out in Louisiana and Minnesota.

      Don’t let them do this to US. Don’t let them do this to Black Lives Matter.

  3. The little girl trying to console her mother in the video really got to me. The sad thing is this has been going on for decades, hell, even centuries. The only thing new is the advent of social media and video phones. So many family members have lost loved ones to police brutality and many of them have probably been lied to when asked what their family member did wrong.

    1. Exactly King, this has been going on way too long. I’m so sick and tired of this, it really seems like we’re living in the 1960s. The little girl seeing all this and trying to consol her mom broke my heart to pieces. May he RIP and my condolences go to his family. #blacklivesmatter

  4. I have questions. ..if she was the driver and got pulled over. Why wasn’t she being asked for her ID

    1. He was the driver you can see the steering wheel in front of him.For some reason the video was flipped.I’ve seen it both ways on tv today sometimes she is on the right,sometimes she is on the left.

  5. This really hurt my feels today. Two senseless killings in two days. You tell me we do not need to watch who we allow become officers? Shit. The requirements need to change for police officers, and I do not care what anyone says. These officers need to be educated further, rather than an academy that lasts for only a few months.

    1. Have you seen the picture floating around showing that his tail light was not busted?

  6. I’ve have been trying to stay away from this and the sterling case because I’m tired of all of it. You can’t be black, you can’t be gay without someone trying to take your life.

    These men and their families have been and will remain in my prayers.

  7. His mother was on CNN,she said she told him to comply with police.She told him to get a license to carry a conceal weapon.She told him to always tell police he had a license to carry and that he had a gun.That’s what he did and he is dead.

    His sister found out he had been shot from Facebook,she watched him moaning and gasping for breath on video and wondered why the officer never rendered first aid.
    He did not have a criminal record ,was not a gang member.He worked at the same Montessori elementary school for ten years in the cafeteria.He was recently promoted to supervisor.The school’s population is predominantly White and a reporter on CNN say the kids loved them because he used to give them extra Graham Crackers.😢 They are planning a demonstration and fundraiser.

    Of course because he seems to be a law abiding citizen somebody had to bring up he has had 31 traffic tickets since 2002(fourteen year period) Also somebody posted a pic of his girlfriend smoking weed in front of her daughter.

    He had a license to carry yet no statement from NRA.

    1. It is sad that people are trying to find ways to justify this man murder. Also, is it true that he is a college graduate (I read on a blog someone highlighting that he was)?

  8. I was shocked during that video, but when I heard that little girl telling her mother that she was with her to calm her down that broke my heart. I can’t even bring up a word for this, I’m just happy the mother remained so calm or they both might’ve been killed right in front of her.

    I’ve never been the type to support hate, but I honestly hope that officer gets shot because these court systems aren’t reliable lately👎

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