Black Lives Trumps All Lives


it has been an emotionally draining week for me.
i don’t know about anyone else.
everything that has been happening has effected every part of me.
you know what irks me tho?
that shit burns my biscuits and i’ll tell you why…

so we had two instances of violence against black wolves this week.
it was the equivalent of a modern day lynching.
everyone has been showing their support for a call for justice.
as many protest,
we have some who are suddenly hash tagging:


all lives do matter.
no matter what color you are,
life is precious.
the thing is:

Why is it suddenly the case when black animals are killed?

it’s like others feel left out or something shit.
it really bothers me and misses the entire point.
#blacklivesmatter started by how brutally many lives have been taken.
the pigs simply don’t give a fuck about us.
so when we all promote that hash tag,
i really don’t get how #alllivesmatter falls into this.
it’s alarming how many animals are personally offended about the “#blacklivesmatter” hashtag.
they are unfollowing celebs who are using it to bring awareness.
is it ever really that serious?
i don’t see that hashtag when others are killed,
but as soon as someone black is murdered on some racist shit,
everyone wants this togetherness around a bond fire.
hell philando was allegedly murdered because he “looked” like a robbery suspect.
allegedly his “wide set nose” was the deciding factor on that fateful day.


i did not see that hashtag during their wave of mass murders.

black lives do matter.
i’m tired of us always to share this spotlight to keep others happy.
we have to share our:

mysteries of what makes us so great

…but the crazy part is,
they don’t even like to share their own spotlight with us.
others out here puttin’ on “black vixen costumes” to lure our males away.
we give way too much to be receiving so little.
so i’m not with this random “#alllivesmatter” movement.


…and we will always matter when our lives are taken innocently through racism and stupidity.

just my opinion.
you are welcomed to share yours.

lowkey: this was not “shade” towards other races.
if you feel personally offended then that maybe an issue you need to work out.
on your own time tho.
not on me.

34 thoughts on “Black Lives Trumps All Lives

  1. @Jay

    I’ve been called much worse than an idiot by people far better than YOU!
    And I already know YOU and others like you aren’t allies of mine.
    You hate yourselves. Who needs “allies” like you?

    We’re done here.

  2. I refuse to respond to negative shit.

    Shoutout to the black gay men that don’t insert their sexuality into every aspect of their identity. The ones that are multifaceted and don’t walk around feeling persecuted and accept themselves so they don’t expend unnecessary energy seeking validation from every single person.

    The ones that have enough self awareness to realize these white gays are white first and their privilege will always come first.

    The ones that realize black people aren’t any more homophobic than any other race and don’t subconsciously hate their own people.

    I’ve seen some real conscious brothers on Facebook that actually fight for their rights as gay men and black equally and don’t show preference and I respect them. They aren’t trying to make one compete over the other.

    1. @Jay

      “You refuse to respond to negative sh*t”
      Yet you come down here and write some passively aggressive “negative sh*t” after throwing a rock up above? Why is it suddenly “negative sh*t” after you’ve had your say? If you’re ill equipped to defend the indefensible then don’t come knocking on my door! Mind ya bidness next time if you wanna throw a rock and run.

      😆 @ you dudes.

      1. Lol you’ve successfully made yourself look like a idiot. Go find some allies elsewhere. You have none here.

  3. People, we need all hands on deck. The founders of BLM were lesbian sisters and gay brothers in my city, just as we have been in leadership positions in the struggles of our people throughout our history whether we have been out, discreet or in. Let’s not allow anyone to cause any division among us. I have heard a number of black nationalists who are heterosexists and homophobes attack us, but they have no more claim to blackness than any of us. And, truth be told, it usually comes to light those who attack our sexuality the loudest are self-loathing, closet cases. The sexuality of the brothers and sisters who get killed by these racist cops does not matter to me and should not matter to any of us. They are our brothers and sisters. Those killers didn’t stop to ask whether our brothers were gay or straight. They were prepared to kill the blacks. I’m really heartened to see most of us are on the same page here. We are in this together.

    1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You’re completely right. Black, Gay and Black, Trans and Black or whatever, we are all in the same boat. For centuries and generations ever since our ancestors were taken from their home and forced into slavery we’ve been in the same boat. Even if you don’t like what some of your fellow brother and sisters do or believe in we have to stand together on this.

  4. I’m just going to leave this here…

    I encourage you and every other black LGBT+ man/woman that’s skeptical of BLM to find your nearest chapter, contact them, and find out whether or not they’re LGBT-inclusive instead of using an incident that happened back in 2015 (2014?) to define an entire movement that has no particular leader…

  5. Well if you gay dudes wanna continue to align yourselves with a bunch of ignorant loud mouth homophobic black people who see you as an abomination, then be my guest! Ask DeRay Mckesson about the homophobic backlash he got after Black Lies Matter found out he was gay. The fact that many of you have chosen to let your sexual orientation take a back seat to your “blackness” is proof that you have suffered from internalized homophobia by black people and society. Most of you are classic examples of Stockholm syndrome victims. Much luck with your fight against the man.


    1. Based on how you worded your statement, I doubt you are black. Please don’t come on a black blog trying to take away from the spirt of the post by creating division between black and gay.

      Jamari, this is the first troll of many to come in the days and weeks ahead.

      1. @FashionandSvedka

        I don’t normally allow a non relevant queen on the Internet to ruffle my feathers, but congratulations! You just did! You sound like a neck poppin Black female when she’s trying to emasculate a Black man. She calls him a faggot in an attempt to invalidate his words. So here we have YOU trying to question my Blackness because you’re ill equipped to challenge my arguments! I’m willing to bet I have shouted down more racists whites than your coward ass ever will! If you wanna fight along side of BLM then go right ahead. Get in your car and drive your ass down to join the fight. And wear your rainbow tee shirt while you’re there.

      2. You invalidate yourself by trying to detract from what Black Lives Matter is about. For better or worse, these are our people. They may love us for our sexuality and may hate us, but at the end of the day, we are black alike. We all we got. Attacking me on a personal level doesn’t take away from the fact that I am correct. We need to be together. No one has Stockholm Syndrome on this side and for you to say that we need to not do business with BLM because some members in a leaderless organization are homophobic is stupid. To make it a gay issue detracts from the cause. Anyone who isn’t black coming into the cause detracts from it. You haven’t posted any solutions to the issue of police killings and black unity, just bullshit rhetoric. You know you’re a troll. If you’re not offering up a comprehensive and detailed plan for the halt of genocide of blacks worldwide, go over there.

      3. @bllackpegasus the same thing can be said about the black gays you’re defending (since we’re stereotyping). Are you really making the assumption that everyone involved in BLM is homophobic? Much of the time, many of our own demographic treats each other like abominations so what would you have us do? Being gay doesn’t separate us from our blackness and should never distract us from what’s really important. Racism and homophobia are both social issues that need to be dealt with, but to sit here and try and diminish the efforts of the BLM movement is disrespectful to the lives lost by police.

        I’m not really sure of the point of your comments, to point out that there are homophobic black people in BLM? As if that’s unique to BLM protestors? Are we not supposed to fight against racism if they don’t understand our lives from our perspectives? You’re talking about two different fights here and we can certainly fight both.

    2. I personally align myself with both BLM and BGLM(when it arises). My sexuality is important to myself and the rest of us, but there has not been any black gay men killed by the police because of their sexuality, well not to my knowledge. When I read cases of black gay men being killed by the police as a result of their sexuality then I will voice my opinion on the lives of gay black men alone. However, separating ourselves from BLM to solely focus on black gay men is deliberately separating ourselves from our own race. If people would start doing that, it would be the same as the colorism that occurs within our community by separating people by their skin tone. Yea, we know there are homophobic people within our community, but I do not see our people holding up signs reading Black Straight Lives Matter or saying it out of their mouth, until that happens we can align as one.

    3. You know there were plenty of homosexual and fluid people in the civil rights era, but they had enough self awareness to not let sexuality and who they have sex with to define them. They understood the color of their skin and the inequality they experience as a result far superseded sex.

      Black gays kill me aligning themselves with white gays that have far more rights than they do and do nothing but fetishize them. White gays even know they’re white first and gay.

      We. Don’t. Need. Those. Kind.

      See if the white gays will march for your gay black ass if something happens to you.

      1. @Jay

        Who said a damn thing about “white gays?”

        I couldn’t give a single f*ck about white gays! This argument isn’t about them! But since you wanna make comparisons, I’m willing to bet those white gays will stand in support of my homosexual black ass before those Black Lies Matter fools you’re defending so vehemently will. That fact that you equate your own sexual orientation to “whiteness” without it even being mentioned is proof of how damaged the minds of Gay Black men are these days. Your sexual orientation is the essence of who you ARE! Nice job at diminishing it to “whiteness.”

        And it doesn’t surprise me if Black Gay men and women are actively involved in civil rights issues and organizations. We always have been involved! Rarely celebrated or written about, but involved nonetheless.

  6. I’m tired.I’m weary.I wasted time last night explaining to people why Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean ONLY Black Lives Matter.It means Black Lives Matter TWO.I’m done
    Then I wake up this morning and hear a Black man has been shot to death by police here in SE Houston about ten minutes from were I grew up.The police say he was standing in the road.He pointed a gun in the air.He lowered the gun and pointed it at the officers.This occured at 12:40 am off of Cullen.His name was Alva Braziel.Twitter is saying officers fired 10 shots.Police say both officers fired multiple shots.Also apparently they were both wearing body cams and there is video from a nearby business.So I will wait for video.RIP

  7. Idk. I’m finding less and less sympathy coming from other races towards #BLM. Unfortunately, the situation in our inner cities, particularly like Chicago is not helping.

    On the other hand, I’m here in NY and I know Latinos commit just about as many crimes as Blacks, but I cannot remember the last time one has been killed by a cop. Plus, the cops here are probably the most racist of any in the country. Don’t be fooled. They may work in the “melting pot” of NYC. But they live in their racist enclaves of Staten Island and Long Island. So TBH, I felt zero sympathy for the cops in Dallas. I couldn’t even fake it.

  8. In 2016 with situations like this happening we all know racism is still here and will not go away anytime soon.It makes me so damn sick how people will care about an animal over a black mans life. Sorry people a decent human life is more important than an animal. I can’t get over people trying to justify the killings, well Alton Sterlin shouldn’t have resisted I’m like wtf are you serious, and they also said he rapped a 14 year old girl, and had multiple tickets. They will put anything negatively out in the media to justify that they killed him. They have done this with every one of the blacks that have been killed by police. Always trying to dig up and find anything they can on them. When it comes to celebs I understand that it is so easy for them to post a pic or say rip and not but genuine about it, but there are some celebs who have not posted anything about it yet. So my opinion is that the ones who posted kudos to you’ll, because I know some of you’ll have white bosses who are signing your checks, and might not like that you’ll are supporting the cause. Speaking of celebs Fetty Wap had the nerve to say #Alllivematters because his kids are mixed. Black twitter got in his ass and dragged him lol. I guess he doesn’t know that mixed people are looked at as black people. Also I’m far from racist and I know that there are many non blacks who are mad about what happened. I also hate that the dallas shooting happened, in our community we don’t need this, this is exactly what they think of all us anyway.

  9. Our lives do matter and in a time where our people are being killed left and right it matters so much more. I try not to put much stock into what celebs and others post on their social media accounts , just like i said on the Orlando shooting post just because you tweet or post about issues and such doesn’t mean you give a damn about it. Its very simple for people in today’s world to go online and put up a hashtag, quote, or change their profile picture for varying situations and keep on trucking about their day not giving their time or money to the cause.

    1. Mikey,

      I always enjoy reading your perspectives and seeing how you are able to give your point of view in a rational and logical manner.

  10. at this point I don’t want to hear nothing about black life matter nor all life matter whatever. I personally feel that once we stop trying to separate our self in these little groups and come together on common ground to these issues. these issues will never die.

    1. Apparently you do not care what #Blacklivesmatter stand for and was created for. It was to bring awareness especially to the brutal abuse and injustices by the police and the justice system. You come off not being sympathetic to the innocent blacks that have lost their lives and the racist that continue to target and mistreat our people. Also, do your research because for a long time our people have been trying to come together with the other side and how has that worked out?

    2. Are you high? The whole purpose of Black Lives Matter is because we are not included. We are separated, but not for the reason you think. Those who are in power aka whites separated us through the way we are treated. Black people and other minorities have always been treated like second citizens when compared to whites.

      1. @Jamari Fox & anyone reading this:

        Please take a moment and listen to the pain and frustration in the voice of this Black Transsexual sister who has seen the ugliness within the Black Lives Matter movement.
        Forward to the :40 second mark and listen please.

        1. ^so you’re basically saying that we are suppose to do the same thing some whites do to us?
          it seems that way blk.
          im not gonna segregate others because of their homophobic ways because guess what?
          our own gay community is segregated as is.
          i have been treated like absolutely dirt by my own blacks and gays,
          but that won’t stop me from feeling compassion if someone was killed with the same skin color or sexuality as myself.
          just food for thought.

  11. I’ve been blocking and unfollowing people for two days straight.

    The oblivious whites.
    The coon blacks that want to impress whites.
    The attentionistos that have no grasp of reality.
    The ones that feel these men deserved to die because they have a criminal record.
    The ones that said nothing about black men dying but want to put #bluelivesmatter everywhere

    I’m just slowly losing hope for my people as a whole. What do you do when the successful and influential blacks are literal coons and uncle toms? What do you do with the ones that believe the “black on black” crime rate should be at 0% before we can care about systematic oppression, disproportionate arrest and incarceration rates?

    Honestly, the more I see, the better retiring abroad seems.

    1. You have to have confindence in the power of African people to come together and collaborate effectively. You have people that are sellouts but I personally believe that we can come together for PURPOSE. I feel like black people have to take a side. You wanna be a coon or not down for the cause, we cast you out and you CANNOT come back among us. It’ll come a time where selling out the legitimate aspirations of our people will get you killed. Things are getting too serious now for us to be playing games with our lives and our future.

  12. Its funny to me how many people I’ve deleted off of Instagram and Twitter in the last two days. I feel like the gay community as a whole needs to be addressed cause a lot of these foxes and wolves LOVE to breed and get bred with the blacks, but stay quiet when the Purge actually happened. Its #PrayforOrlando and their timeline is rainbow flagged OUT, but no mention of whats been going on. The black community has influenced this country and literally as days and weeks unfold, you will see who in your group really is down for the cause.

    Black people, if black lives truly matter, show it. Wear African clothes, buy black made products, stop participating in traditiona that aren’t afrocentric. Buy from black owned businesses and don’t ask for discounts. Don’t have an attitude for your fellow brother and sister if their thoughts and beliefs don’t line up with yours. If your brother or sister isn’t doing well, then neither are you. We have to unite and topple this wicked system but it has to be TOGETHER.


    1. You made some great points and I experienced the same thing on my facebook page and had to delete this white girl I went to college with due to her insensitive comments and her friends. She even went as far as putting the blame on the black people that were killed and then started talking about the killings in Dallas.

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