Don’t Let Your Mama Catch You Running The Train In Her Living Room!


this young wolf learned a valuable lesson.

1. make sure he knows his mama work schedule.
2. call ya mama to see where she at.

obviously his mind was more concerned with the pussy than the logistics



has anyone ever been caught by their
parents/someone else’s parents?

10 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Mama Catch You Running The Train In Her Living Room!

  1. Soooo…I got a lil story. Wanna hear it? Here it goes:

    I met dude in a club way back when – we bump & grind thru the night, make out a little & exchange digits/email. He lives near Philly, so I go to check out Penn Relays & visit him at the same time. Turned out he was a little younger than I thought & was at home…and wasn’t out to his mother. So of course, I was a guy at a college he visited while on a tour. No problem – so far…though one of his best friends was a full flame-on queen (but I digress). So I stay over one night – while Moms is out on the town – and we’re steadily getting it in. We’re naked & he’s riding me in the living room when we hear a key click in the door. When I tell you I have never moved that fast in my life, before or since? We grabbed clothes & I ran to a bathroom, while he went upstairs…but we left our ‘protection’ on the floor. Fortunately, mama was a bit tipsy & didn’t notice (I think he kicked it under the couch). Crisis averted, I still wanted to continue, but the mood was broken.

    Fast forward a couple years, and I see this dude at a sex party I’m working for a friend. He’s coming to get his things w/another dude who is giving me the eye & Philly boy is throwing me low-key shade. Now mind you, not only are you both at a sex party, but Philly knows the taste & feel of my penis intimately…but y’all throwing ME shade?! It took all I had not to call these mofos out. Anyhoo, that’s my story.

    I’ve also done in a restaurant bathroom, parks, beach (not as fun as you think), and of course a car…but that’s the almost caught story I remember most lol

  2. Couldn’t have guy friends overnight at the house since I was out.

    Dad talking bout there is no sex in the champagne room.

    A neighbor caught me with his son in his garage over his deep freezer–me spread eagle–and ol’ boy didn’t stop, couldn’t stop, he was at the stroke of no return, he didn’t hear the door open but I locked eyes with his father.

  3. Lowkey I was getting it in with this Que getting some of the best foreplay ever about to get to the good stuff and all of a sudden he says “Someone’s in your house!”

    I was so into it I didn’t even know my Dad came home. Thank God I lived in a two story house with plenty of places to hide and a clueless (or uncaring) Father.

    I just had him in my room until the coast was clear. I’ve always fantasized about having a swole dude in my room at my disposal. Lol

      1. Not really. Like I said my Dad is clueless. No my Mom is a different story. She would’ve smelled sex like that mama from Don’t Be A Menace. Lol

        Now you should’ve seen ol dude. His 6’2 220lbs swole ass was about to jump out of the second floor window. Lol I told him he had my word he’d be okay.

        We just sat in my room and chilled for almost 4 hours. Lol good times.

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