Do You Wanna Sort Through Kelly Rowland’s Dirty Laundry?


it seems like kelly rowland has a full load she needs washed.
she debuted her new video for “dirty laundry” tonight.
you know the one about the abusive x and the “b” word?
yeah that one.
in stunning hd too…

the good.
kelly rowland is absolutely gorgeous.
she has come a very long way.
the real.
…i really don’t think this was a “single” tho.
it’s a good song,
but it just seems so “album filler” to me.
the video was cool.
i see she didn’t put a b lookalike in there.
i really need kelly to be about her own b-ullshit.
stop mentioning the “b” word.
“my sister”.
she ain’t mentioning kelly in her world domination.
either way,
kelly’s album is damn near off the charts.
can this video revive it?

x buy kelly’s album here?

5 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Sort Through Kelly Rowland’s Dirty Laundry?

  1. I cant say Im surprised Kelly career has never taken off. She was scared to speak up when those other girls in the group were pointing out unfair treatment. She stood by silent, while the Knowles made sure that the spotlight shined bright on their daughter. She always said she wasnt resentful and she was happy. I say “bullshit”, the entertainment industry is naturally competitive and females especially are put under a lot of pressure to outshine other females. Kelly in Beyonce eyes and other females eyes is competition, and everyone in the game is in it to win it. She is naive if she thinks Matthew Knowles was going to promote her solo career over his daughter, it seems like everyone saw what was happening but her, but I think she chose not to see it. She may need to realize, that just because your best friend is an international superstar, she may beat you in her career, but that doesnt mean she will beat you in life, ask Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson about the price of fame and adoration of a public that loves to build you up to tear you down. Im sure Beyonce has to deal with some dark demons that would probably blow our mind if we knew about it, and insecurities about staying on top. Kelly comes off as desperate for fame IMO, she does not seem authentic, and of course, how the industry is, its only room for one superstar. I think she is a decent artist, but we just dont see her as a solo act, and when she agrees to do things for her “sis”, like the Superbowl, she is still seen in her shadow and not her own person. Maybe, she will find her voice before its too late.

  2. I feel sorry for Kelly. Matthew Knowles did her dirty. That’s who she really needs to do this song about. He sabotaged her career from the start that now she isn’t under his control anymore, she is trying to become a factor. Kelly has been instilled in her that Beyonce will be the star so she won’t go past a certain level, if any level at all.

    1. I honestly feel as if Kelly doesn’t want it. I don’t see the hunger but I do see improvement in her. At some point you have to focus on yourself and follow through. She does have personality and where she is now, it works for her, I guess.

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