dl males love chasing lakes and waterfalls only to end up trying to kill you

as the rose-colored glasses flew off,
i started to realize just how dangerous certain dl males are.

Deeply insecure DL males should be avoided at all costs.

you know the types.
some will destroy your reputation after confronting their true sexuality.
they will spread rumors about you to take the spotlight off them.
i’ve had plenty of jackals do that to me.
some will go as far as to lure you into sex and once they “cum” to their senses,
that is when their insecurities will fly tf out.

There are others that will go as far as to kill you.

a foxholer sent me this story about this exact situation in london.
the victim didn’t die but his story should serve as a warning

A carer knifed another man 12 times while screaming “I’m not f***ing gay” after they had sex.

Stephen Taylor and the victim, who has not been named, had sex while at the man’s flat.

The victim – a mental health nurse – went for drinks with friends at a house in Wirral on June 4 last year.

Liverpool Crown Court heard Taylor arrived, introduced himself as “Tyson” and said he worked in a nursing home.

The victim was told by a friend that Taylor was “straight” and during a chat with Taylor the victim told him he was gay.

The man got a taxi home, before Taylor messaged him on Snapchat, to say he’d left his phone charger.

Neil Bisarya, prosecuting, said the victim paid for Taylor to get a taxi to his flat, and that he came in for a drink at 3am.

Mr Bisarya said they were drinking gin when Taylor suddenly “leant over and grabbed his penis”.

He said the victim said “bloody hell Tyson, what you doing?” but Taylor replied: “Don’t you want a bit of fun?”

The man told him “you’re straight, I’m gay” and they laughed it off, only for Taylor to do it again.

Mr Bisarya said Taylor kissed the victim, who reciprocated and let Taylor perform a sex act on him, then they went to his bedroom for sex.

The court heard Taylor wanted to have sex a different way, which the victim said was “not his thing”.

They returned to the lounge and carried on drinking, before the victim declined to perform a sex act on Taylor.

Mr Bisarya said Taylor suddenly stabbed him in the chest with a knife the victim said had been in his kitchen.

was the hyena in this story trying to get smashed?
he seemed like he was dick hungry and the victim was a fox,
the way he detailed how the crime went down was a mindblower:

Taylor jumped on top of the man, grabbed his penis in a “painful and hard squeeze”, then stabbed him in the neck.

Mr Bisarya said Taylor was “continually stabbing” him and when he tried to escape, “stabbed him in the back”.

He said the victim fell onto a coffee table, when Taylor “was stabbing him in his face, narrowly missing his eyes”.

The prosecutor said the victim hit Taylor over the head with a glass to defend himself.

Mr Bisarya said Taylor choked him, before the man tripped Taylor and grabbed the blade.

The victim pleaded “let me call an ambulance, you don’t need to do this”, but Taylor refused and shouted “homophobic” remarks.

Mr Bisarya said: “Mr Taylor was shouting, saying ‘I’m not fing gay’. Mr Taylor was in a rage. He was calling him a ‘fing f*****’.”

The victim “thought he was going to die” and when he tried to leave, Taylor “rugby tackled him” and the naked men fought in the hallway.

Mr Bisarya said Taylor grabbed him and they fell down some stairs, before Taylor left and the victim called police.

Officers arrived at 5.54am and found him “covered in blood”.

They arrested Taylor in Wallasey following reports of a naked man in the street, when he replied: “I didn’t do it.”

Taylor, of Mallory Road, Tranmere, gave two no comment interviews.

The victim suffered an “extensive open wound” 10cm long, 5cm wide and 5cm deep to the left side of his neck.

His injuries included 1cm cuts to his right cheek and below his left eye; two stab wounds to the right side of his chest; a stab wound to his left armpit; cuts to his left arm; and fractures to his right foot.

this story is really scary tbh,
but it’s the reality of dealing with hyenas within this life.

Some are secure within themselves; others are super insecure

i’ve decided that i’m screening all males interested in me going forward,
but any signs of insecurity or unsurety,
i’m not interested in pursuing anything further.

I want males who have dealt with other males before.

 after the rest who were headaches and emotionally scarred me,
i don’t want that type of trauma.

i think i have lightweight PTSD from dealing with or being led on from them.
one thing i’ve learned with some people,
male or female,
is they will destroy you and others with no chill button.
some of these insecure hyenas will kill you since they don’t understand themselves.
they will have sex with you and then kill you once they nut.

If you aren’t confident accepting you like men then you should stick to pussy.

article cc: daily record

2 thoughts on “dl males love chasing lakes and waterfalls only to end up trying to kill you

  1. Story’s like this always creep me out like the dl guy pursued him and initiated the situation so why are you attacking a person that took on what you were willing to give out?

    Anyways as you stated I’m screening anybody that comes into my circle for that particular reason I have no urge to fight a man to want to be with me nor do I have the will to fight for any man to accept himself.

    1. ^yeah like,
      he wanted it and after he got it,
      flipped the whole fuck out because he wasn’t into a sex act.

      and he was walking down the street naked?
      was there drugs involved??????

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