demetrius jenkins: the bisexual who likes being on the bottom?

demetrius jenkins created more talk about his “onlyfans”.
it’s safe to font that he has pulled the spotlight from everyone for a while.
so demetrius wanted to clarify the biggest mystery about him:

Is he a wolf,


or hybrid?

well he took to his new platform to reveal it…

i already knew this tho.
the foxhole always keeps me informed.
it seems like folks are upset that he admitted that he’s bisexual and a fox.
i mean…

Who cares?

folks are always screaming for those to “live their truth“.
if he wasn’t honest,
folks would be mad af.
out of all the problematic folks in these forests,
like the straight jackals that…

…play they love the gays but secretly hate us
…promise secret dick pics/videos and end up scamming

demetrius ain’t bothering anyone.


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like demetrius,
i’d like for my wolf to be masculine.
folks get so offended when you admit that,
but it’s like…

Why is someone else’s preference so bothersome?

…or is it bothersome because they thought they had a chance?

lowkey: i’ll admit that demetrius was getting annoying,
but this latest stunt peeked my interest.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “demetrius jenkins: the bisexual who likes being on the bottom?”

  1. In this day and age, when you make a public announcement via social media you automatically open yourself up for criticism. Good or bad.

    I don’t understand why bottoms would trip he a bottom though. There are tons of tops around so maybe it’s just the single ones that care.

    Maybe some folks are just joking about it as most of the comments allude to them already knowing. I don’t really keep up with any of these guys so from my memory, this was my first week learning who he actually was.

    I think the word preference is used a bit too sparingly these days, especially on those gay apps. Where they mask discrimination with the word preference.

    I mean I prefer to date black men..100% dark chocolate men.. Tyson Beckford, Jay Ellis, Taye Diggs is what I like. You can bring me in the room and I’m going to spot out the blackest brutha I can see…Noob Saibot. That’s me. I love dark skin, all day everyday. 😍

    But I’m also open to other types of men too. So while prefer darkskinned men, I like Middle Eastern, Polynesian, Brazilian.. I even like fair-skinned guys, though they are usually Australian men, cuz they be hot as hell and them accents…but anyways.

    I don’t wanna be neggy and say “Love is hard to find..” but my past Fawk ups..I’d keep an open eye out for whatever nice comes along, just as a side note. 😙

    I guess things change for some folks as they grow older. When I was first coming to the scene, I thought I was a bottom. Yes, daddy. I’m not even feminine but I was soft spoken so I’mma toot it up….🍑

    And now it’s like I love every part of my man from his neck to his chesticles…and that ass….😜 Do whatever you can to please ya long as it ain’t nothing crazy..

    Don’t be letting nobody pee on you…🤨 👇

    I’m happy for this Demetrius fellow…

    I just wanna sit him down and talk. Noah, it’s me Chance..i know you been looking everywhere for Wade but you in danga girl!! Don’t be lettin them men get yo boogina so soon!! You gotta preserve it!! 💅

    This is my last long ass post. I know folks getting tired of the f**kin articles. One sentence from now on..Hell.

  2. I must say that I think he’s a beautiful gorgeous man, but I will say this why is there this need to have a press conference via social media about his sexual proclivities? I don’t understand why people do this so what just enjoy and be happy now, I did see that he likes wearing wigs and looking female is he low-key flirting with the idea of becoming trans? Now that’s when I’ll clutch my pearls lol! Cause he is too fine for that I’m still getting accustomed to Jacob Koohineer as Jessica and goodness knows back in the day how fine he was my gay crush for real lol!😂😂😂

    1. He’s advertising. Now everyone knows, and the ones who want to step can, and the ones who don’t, won’t.

      1. Oh ok gotcha yeah, I wouldn’t have known either and definitely would have been all up in his face lol! And looking at his videos he’s definitely looking for dick and I also get the impression that he wants to be a woman but don’t really know how to say it outright he definitely has a lot going on.

  3. Is this news? Nigga said that many many many many moins ago that he was Bi sexual , he was a marine blah blah blah. Thought people already knew that. What makes him Instafamous is his daily constant babble and rants about being real and living up to your truth. So..umm…why is this news? Yall follow him yall know that’s who he is….and yes he wants to be pounded and pounded hard. Ain’t.nothing wrong with that again since when did Demetrius became so mysterious that the world was waiting to hear if hes bisexual or not or a bottom or not. Bruh..nigha told yal
    Long time just that many weren’t paying attention

  4. I followed this dude for a minute on IG, but his self absorption and angry rants got on my damn nerves and I was like enough let me hit this un-follow button, he reminds of so many Attentionista’s who actually think that people want to hear their opinion on anything. Take it from me they only want to see your body and wait for your nudes to leak and then it is on to the next one. This dude whole energy is off to me, and his aura screams INSECURE. You dont have to tell everyone how you dont give AF or how hard you are if you are really about that life. These thirst buckets on social media platforms pump these Insta People up only to abandon them when the next hot thing comes along. They need to start a “Where Are They Now” Attentionista Page, just going back in the archives on the Foxhole a couple of years will reveal about so many we have forgotten all about. Modeling, Acting, Music careers that never went anywhere. I am not even sure how this dude even got to be so popular but I guess a nice body goes a long way. Can someone ID his actual age? I honestly thought he was in his late 30’s and I was like why is he still acting like this and low and behold, the streets are saying he is in his 20’s???

    1. oh em gee I thought I wrote this comment myself, his energy is so off and fake. I’m glad he’s a bottom if anything cause I would want nothing to do with him good-looking yes but personality is a no. I had to click the unfollow button as well he makes me absolutely sick idk what it really is but I just cannot with him. not my cup of tea at all. and I thought he was older as well

  5. ima start calling these guys Top-fishes cause they dead present themselves as all of that than will til you all get all the way home to say they a bottom. N-O motherlover. although I’m a masculine male it doesn’t take long to figure me out meanwhile you done pushed yaself up on me like you was gonna do my hole in and instead you want me to stick yours? ninja GTFO #reasonsimstillavirgin and it’s always the light ones I don’t get it

  6. Him coming out as bottom and his lack of being able to say the phrase fully makes sense on so many levels. Here’s what i believe to be true. I believe Demetrius idolizes folks like Cardi B who take to social media to hold press conferences about the things that plague them. It could be a ploy for stardom like what worked for her but in her case, there was an authenticity there. With him, it seems forced. It seems he measures his masculinity based off of how hard he appears to be through tactics like cursing excessively, durag wearing and shirts off. I think his “Keeping It Real Gone Wrong” PSAs are a means to say I like dick but dont you get it twisted. I ain’t no punk. It’s somewhat like when a homophobic bully that in actuality is a closeted gay man himself feels the nedd to reinforce the thought that he is not at all guy by bringing it up all the time out of insecurity. I think he puts on this persona because he believes that’s what is getting him likes: him putting up the facade that he could care less if ou like his posts or not but he knows you will anyway due to how atteactive he is. Therein, he can say whatever he wants and his followers will continue to support. What i see is a sadness there that he may never admit to. I truly wish i could hug him. Something he may never accept due to being perceived as weak or less of a man, which he constantly feels the need to reinforc. I wish we could see the real Demetrius. I’m sure he’s a much more attractive guy than this facade he’s now convinced himself he truly is. I’m just afraid one day it may go down a darker path like Tai or other truly saddened gay men when all of these PSA’s are cries for help.

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