tumblr_mwn8ggUoxd1sycp6ko1_500i hope all is well!
here i was thinking some hateful blogger deaded my other site,
but to my surprise,
it may have been you

i guess you were all in your feelings about those images.
how shocking it was when i got the lovely email today.
i put two and two together and realized who may have ended my other site.
if in fact is was you,
what’s crazy to me is the images are damn near everywhere.
they were actually on another site that linked the source.
to my surprise,
the images are STILL on the main source that debuted them.
ya know i could be so nasty and so rude today,
by mentioning how that leak extended your clock by 14:00,
but its 2015 and iā€™m feeling highly favored!
i went to church last night,
i cooked a great new year’s day meal,
and i woke up glowing this morning.
so being the mature fox that i am,
i took the images down on this site at your request.
( x as you can see here )
you can begin to sleep well at night knowing that.
personally speaking,
we were all waiting for your gorgeous ex-husband anyway…

tumblr_mmffxboc5z1s9za1ko1_500…but that is neither here nor there.
anyway i hope 2015 brings you blessings and peace!
i know that you have been trying to get your house and all the rooms in order.
i hope you can accomplish that and more throughout this new year!

light and love,
jamari fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “DEAR…”

  1. Yea, the images are definitely on other sites. I want it the tape to leak man. You know how much I want to see Usher naked, especially that ass.

  2. I saw the dick before you took it down and if I was Usher and if it was my dick, then I’d want that dick pic taken down too. That dick is not a superstar dick. It’s a dick that shows his, ahem, “shortcomings”. Sightings of that dick would jeopardize his sex symbol status. To continue to make millions, Usher needs to keep that dick away from public view. LOL

  3. She has a nasty habit of shutting down sites that talk negatively about her. People will talk about you especially since you were married to Usher. Get over it Ms.Raymond.

    1. ^so why is she even in the spotlight then?
      why did she marry usher?
      if people talk about kim kardashian and bigger stars,
      then what makes her immune to her own gossip?

      she needs to get over herself.

  4. How about she get at the person who even leaked this crap instead f coming at those who seen it. She’s going around the point instead of just getting to it.

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