Chrisette Michele Wants To Be The Bridge For Us and The Republicans

“i got all these pineapples talking about me finally!”
so the forests have a lot to say about chrisette michele.
this is the most publicity she has had in her career.
who knew selling her soul to trump would do it.
so she went ahead and released a statement for us.
of course.
there is a reason why she is performing at trump’s inauguration.
this is what she had to say

wtf are you fontin’ about?
you are willing to be a bridge?
a bridge for what tho?
you are going up there to sing.
you aren’t going to have a town hall meeting.
you are the hired help to perform and take your ass on.
who was i stanning for when she first came out?
chrisette cannot be this dense.
i feel this is about money and she sold herself to the highest bidder.
i hope she realizes she is pretty much done once she gets off that stage.
she’ll be on some unsung special talmbout:

“That was a low moment in my career”

it shouldn’t be.
everyone is begging her not to do it.
it’s her decision to be a dumb ass.
she better hope trump books her for parties and bar mitzvahs.

lowkey: chrisette is too “deep” for her own good.

12 thoughts on “Chrisette Michele Wants To Be The Bridge For Us and The Republicans

    1. It does not matter in my opinion. This just shows people will do anything for money even if it goes against what they believe in. Consider her cancelled in my book.

  1. My only problem with that is the lame ass excuse, dragging Dr. MLK into this. Like girl stop. I would have respected her more if she just said “i need money” because that’s the truth.

  2. She’s gettin paid about 3/4 of a million to sell out…Questlove said he’d front the $ to her if she refused…did she turn ’em down?…*shrugs*

  3. 1. Ioun give a damn that any musician performs at this hillbilly ho-down. you BET NOT be all up in there tombout nothing but your performance. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SPEAK FOR or REPRESENT “ME.”

    2. It’s a Gig! If all these “Hollywood” folks who perform for Arabs who taught the white man how to colonize Africans and sell them into slavery and Hate Africans to this day doesn’t upset you – I don’t understand the problem and I call bullshit.

    3. Musically gifted enslaved Africans were highly sought out, had special privileges and sometimes earned money that they could keep. Whites have always been thoroughly entertained by these performers, and find NO CONTRADICTION in their white supremacy when they HIRE black performers.

  4. Chrisette is out there coonin’ for checks, I see. I will definitely not be playing her music going forward. I hope that Trump keeps her employed with bar mitzvahs and cocktail parties because she is done.

  5. Honestly speaking, I would’ve never signed up for it being that my career is already shaky. No shade tho…

    PLUS! Why the hell do they need a black performer so bad anyway?!? Like I don’t remember the Obamas going scout for European talent. 😂

  6. Britney gif!!! Chrisette this is not a good look and I will forever look at her sideways. Like why would you perform for someone that is a blatant racist, a misogynist, and is just not a good representation of the American people (minus a few). People will do anything for a paycheck.

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