The Business of Being A Sugar Baby

So in order to get this:

This Wolf:

…was puttin it down on this:


Maybe I am in the wrong business…

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5 Things Wolves Do That Piss Us Off

This isn’t a diss entry.
This is a real entry.

Ballers or not so much ballers -> THIS ONE IF FOR YOU, FROM US.
I am sure I speak for many Foxes and Vixens out there.
I am the voice.
So Wolves, perk your ears up and listen….

…and get your shit together.

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I Prefer Fed-Ex Penis Better

Mailmen are hot.

Have you ever just seen a fine ass mail dude?
Their uniforms always fit them so well plus,
something about them sticking their package in your slot turns me on.
I have to have a role play mailman fantasy one day.

But I have a Vixen of mine who realized her mailman fantasy was really a nightmare.

Peep the bullshit below…

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UPDATED: Amber’s Roses


Me, Her, and Him.

I’m sure that’d make for an exciting sex tape.

If you’ve always wanted to see Miss Rose naked,
well your dreams have cum true.

(as some of you will be cummin pretty soon…)

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