I Like My Spit Harder

tumblr_n4nakcKEHL1tzf8d7o1_500i like how nicki spits.
l boogie,
and even queen (both latifah and pen).
even the incredible disappearing act called amil.
am i the only 1 who isn’t feeling iggy azalea?
i mean she seems like a cool vixen,
can take a pic with the best of em,
and her assets are riDONKulous….
but i’m not here for her music.
something about how her voice and the way she raps irks me.
ive tried to get into her music and i just… can’t.
at all.
maybe i’m the only 1.
i dunno.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “I Like My Spit Harder”

  1. She sounds exactly like Nicki to me. Then again, I haven’t really sat down and listened to her. From what I’ve heard, she sounded like another Nicki Minaj. I’ve never really cared for Foxy Brown because I thought she sounded like Lil Kim.

  2. I brought iggy’s new album because it’s ,y personal belief she’s the best female rapper since kim n foxy, but I was very disappointed, it sounds like noise. Brought futures album as well, THAT SHIT GO HAM, ITS A BANGER! Listen to Benz Friendz whatchutola ft Andre 3000 #fiyaa

  3. Lol she’s a cool person but when it comes to music, I feel like she is trying WAY too hard and it doesn’t feel authentic. It definitely irritates me too. Don’t care too much for her on the stage or in the studio, but she’s got some really cute videos and a sense of style.

  4. I really like her song fancy but that’s about it, idk what it is but her other music isn’t doing it for me . As far as up and coming female rappers I have really been feeling azelala banks and angel haze.

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