“You Can’t Be A Trick All Of Your Life”

wendywords of wisdom?
wendy williams was such a hater back in the day.
she does kinda hates a little now on her own talk show,
but you know she had to switch up her whole schtick.
there would be no guests.
well an f-bi sent me this video of wendy talking about the female rappers of the 90s back in the 90s.
i guess it was a special about lil kim and they countered it with a bit of wendy’s hating to some high school kids.
i will admit i did laugh at the irony…

tumblr_inline_mm253pWCmD1qaigw2“you can’t be a trick all your life”
i don’t know why that line and her dramatic close up is funny to me.
she sho’ sings a different tune about the current “tricks” of today.
she low key was predicting the future tho.
those female tricks of the 90s definitely ain’t trickin’ no more.

lowkey: lil kim was not ugly back then.
although she looks really good without all that drag queen make up she piles on.
this is her scene on the season finale of “celebrities undercover” on oxygen:

…and here is wendy and kim kardashian:

those “fans” had no filter for the celeb’s lives.
imagine getting caught up with a celeb on some shit like this?

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on ““You Can’t Be A Trick All Of Your Life””

  1. That show with celebrities going undercover is so fake. We know damn well there would be way worst shit being said than that ol tame shit they have those actors saying. I rolled my eyes the whole time. If they heard the stuff I said, those bitches would stop the whole production and run away crying to their dressing room. Especially Lil Kim and Kim K.

    1. Yea I believe it is.
      I could be wrong, but I saw this woman who appear twice for Jaleel White and Anthony Anderson.

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