Blogging In The Garden of Good and Evil

tumblr_nqgnpfe3eJ1szrg39o1_500i may not have 100k subscribers.
i may not be getting a ton of viewership.
i may not be friends with a lot of bloggers.
i may not be “outing” or “dragging” others.
i’m may not be the gay blogger most vixens love.
to be perfectly honest…

I’m okay with how i am.

i love the readers i have.
the ones who support me and stay by my side.
no offense to other bloggers out here,
but i’m so good.
there is way too much drama in these blogging streets.
you couldn’t tell these animals use to be “cool”.
not with all the secrets being revealed.
i stay in my little foxhole and pick up steam as i go.
i don’t beg for followers or donations.
i’m not using my blog to fuck various wolves.
well not yet anyway.
i just use this platform as a place for me to:

write my truth and ugly
talk about shit i like/don’t like
  help others as i go

tumblr_o3h0wzmp1E1v1fuk5o1_500i don’t hate others for how they choose to use their platforms,
but i’m not with the fake shit.
it ain’t getting anyone anywhere so…

What’s with all the drama?

lowkey: it’s like you can’t even be cool with other bloggers.
they wait until the right time to throw you under the bus.
you want to connect so you can grow in the business,
but it’s way too much bullshit to even want to deal.
i would rather walk alone in this blogging forest.
wherever that takes me,
i hope it’s a place where i can be a success.
the foxhole is always welcomed to join me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Blogging In The Garden of Good and Evil

  1. Stand alone and continue to succeed like I said before I visit this page daily and forever grateful for you and the people who comment. By the way are you talking about funky dineva and Michelle Brown I won’t lie he read her for filth and I actually believe what he said.

    1. I find your comment so interesting. Did he read her for filth or did he commit proverbial suicide? I watched the video several times and I learned way more about him than I learned about her. Albeit, Michelle was being stupid, but he admitted to taking advantage of her. If the rent is due on the 1st of the month, why did he think it was okay to pay on the 22nd? Why did he think she was in the wrong for turning the property over to a property manager so she could attempt to keep him as a friend? Why did he admit that they went out to dinner and she told him he had a week to move yet he procrastinated and then claimed she was doing him dirty? Clearly at dinner she told him he had a week to move. Surely he didn’t think the authorities would call her to schedule an eviction a week in advance. But a lot of people don’t know how these things work so because Funky Dineva was spilling tea and being mean spirited, y’all think he made valid points. Could he pay his light bill 22 days late? And the kicker is, he wasn’t even paying the rent on the 22nd. He was late on top of being late, but he has an attitude and y’all agree with him? That’s what I don’t get. It’s clear that the people who are taking sides, particularly with Funky Dineva, have a lot to learn about human decency and business. But that’s another rant for another day. As to why I made the inquiry about committing proverbial suicide, it’s simple: he brought other people into the mix and they clearly didn’t want to be in it. Like it or not, Michelle has more clout in the ATL then Funky Dineva. Yes, he has a bigger social media presence, but it’s Michelle being invited to ATL gatherings and such. But I guess he’s cool and hip because he “read” her. And don’t get me started on that “rich white woman tour” that y’all think is the best thing since sliced bread.

      1. Pierre I know about human decency and business. I’m not going to go back and forth with you on this, it doesn’t involve neither of us, it was just my humble opinion. What I will say is you made really good points which I agree with a lot you said. I felt Funky Dineva did take advantage of the situation like paying the rent on the 22nd due to him getting his Google check around that time, but she didn’t have a problem with it before. His mother was dying from cancer and he was in depression, Michelle knew of all this and still went through with the eviction. Now of course if the landlord wasn’t his friend he would of been evicted. That’s why they say you don’t rent to friends and family because things like this happens and it can get ugly which this has. Yes, I don’t agree with him putting other people in it, but I think he was just making a point of how she does people. To me it just got to me how his mom died and she still went through all this, and I think it was problems in their friendship before this happened. Again, I’m not trying to argue on this situation that doesn’t involve the two of us. I was just writing my opinion.

  2. You have what a lot of other blogs don’t have and that’s a community here. You provided a space where the foxhole loves commenting and sharing parts of themselves knowing you and others are reading.

    Over the past few years your blog has grown leaps and bounds. You would be surprise to know the places I have seen “Inside Jamari Fox” mentioned. As I always say keep doing you let the drama from the blogging world not even get to you.

    1. ^i love the community of foxholers who check me out daily.
      i loved the discussion in the last foxmail.
      i keep saying i have the most intelligent readers who even teach me things.
      im grateful for everything you all provide mikey.

  3. Those blogs are interesting for periods. All of that negativity and drama wears out fast. Your blog is one to keep checking. I’m set up to receive an email whenever you update, which I can check on my phone

    (Bruh, I know to cover the screen now too, almost had to explain Milan’s sex tape 😂)

  4. Absolutely. I would def say you are in your own lane AND a step above the rest.
    I think pop culture moves in waves and the most current one seems to be this mean girl-let me expose you-and pretend like it’s news-mess.
    If nothing else, the foxhole is a reflection of you …. and you’ve used it to share your triumph as well as your trials, all while staying in tune with the world. That’s real man, but it’s rare.

    Keep doin’ what yah do!

  5. OMG, I wondered was this story going to come up in the foxhole, when I tell you, I have literally been LOL all weekend following this messy drama, reading all the comments, both have gotten a long overdue dose of Karma that I dont think either saw coming and now both are damaged goods. My hair is layed like an eviction notice, poor rental history,no life insurance and bad credit. This messy ass drama truly proves that their are no genuine friends in the entertainment industry even in the blogosphere. Its a hard lonely insecure spot at the top and clearly its not for everybody. I can see clearly why entertainers stay to themselves and keep their circle small and make people sign confidentially agreements in their circle. It is just a few people in your life who you will ever meet who are genuinely happy for you and on your side outside of your family, most are jealous and cant wait for the appropriate moment to tear you down. This situation shows that its all shit and giggles until someone actually takes a shit and then its a stinky mess to clean up.

    J you have your niche as the others but this is the only blog I go to every day and feel such a connection with you and the commentators, the foxhole is special and not a tired cliche one trick pony as the other blogs who report on misery and misfortune of D-List celebrities who barely have 600 credit scores and any credit left to buy a outfit to the BET Awards on their Capitol One cards.

  6. What made you write this? But I don’t believe about the viewership part because bitch I know every person would be popping up on this blog including Tyler Lepley who blocked you because of it and another wolf who gave you a shout-out on his twitter. Oh yea and Evelyn Lozada.

    1. Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one who’s lost here, but I love your blog Jamari!
      Drama is a deal breaker.

  7. I swear I just read something about whatshisname getting into it with somebody last week.
    He stays in drama.
    I wouldn’t let this turn you off of connecting with other bloggers.
    But I have a hard time trying to think of a reason why it shouldn’t. lol

  8. What a coincidence that this blog gets posted several hours after the infamous beef that went down today between two gay black bloggers on YouTube… Lol

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