Ben J From The New Boyz Gets Some Peen Leakage

tumblr_n21361b2cW1serbejo1_500i’m sure you asked,
well ben j had some ^edited peen leakage courtesy of “exposethajocks” on tumblr.
i wonder if he is still carryin’ that wagon on his back?
like so…

personally i thought that was his best asset.

lowkey: do they even still rap?

picture courtesy of: exposethajocks

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “Ben J From The New Boyz Gets Some Peen Leakage

  1. I love a black man with a phat ass, I love when a top slides in me when im laying on my back and then I can grab his ass especially if it’s a phatty like my ex had who wouldn’t even let you anywhere near his ass but his ass was laid like world peace lol

  2. I don’t care how little it is, I’m more interested in that booty. I used to love me some New Boyz. They broke up a year ago, but they still cool. Legacy was my boo tho. Yea…he’s a little cutie man. His personality is dark too and I like that about him, oh and not to mention his freckles. Niggas with freckles make me weak af. Y’all just don’t know man lol.

  3. I always thought he was the cuter one of the two.

    I’d still hit it.

    @The Man, what about booty freckles.

  4. I’m sorry but I think he would let you eat his cakes on the low lol I hope so cause he is a fine dude

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