baby, let me use your face as a seat instead of the bench in the times square station

i get it.
the city is pretty empty and folks are running wild down there.
during the panorama,
the forests of new yawk are literally a ghost town.
so what better way to enjoy that ghost town is to hoe around.
( x king nasir did a hoe world tour down in times square )
i haven’t taken the train since march.
the mta?
what is that?
i’ve seen some wild shit on the train so this might be actually normal to me…

not put the mask on after.


i haven’t seen that stop in a minute.
how far removed i am.
it’s bad when the foxholers know them too.
now i’m not a prude,
but i couldn’t get my shit rocked on those nasty ass benches.
even tho i heard they been deep cleaning the trains and stations due to the rona,
i still wouldn’t feel comfortable.

I like to throw my legs all the way back so a wolf can dive in headfirst.

this is in the comfort of my bedroom,
his room,
or a hotel.
folks might be on a different kind of demon time tho.

video cc: fly height

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “baby, let me use your face as a seat instead of the bench in the times square station”

    1. They can’t be DL. They saw they were being recorded. If they were DL, they’d have on ski masks or something. They’re exhibitionists and get off on the thrill of being watched. I am lowkey one too, but it’s more “neighbors hearing me” and commenting that I sound like I had fun!

  1. You just had your face in ass…your head on a dirty bench…you in a dirty subway during COVID but yet you slide your mask on….LOL

  2. This is tacky, tasteless and desperate for attention and not to mention you can be charged for indecent exposure and even added as a sex offender if I’m not mistaken. Why risk a charge for sex on a dirty bench lol. This is that I can’t host but I’m horny sex lmaooo

  3. LMFAOOOOOO Mari said I haven’t taken the train since March 😂😂😂😂 Respect. Damn I envy you so much right now. That was hella disgusting and also hella hilarious. It was putting the mask on afterwards for me lmaooooooo. Like…what? Neither of y’all owns a bed? Wtf 😂😂😂😂 Also MTA definitely been stopped cleaning the trains chile. That first week was the LAST week.

  4. Why the fuck would you do that knowing a train sitting right there. Aint no telling who else recorded that. It aint that serious to get yo ass ate on the subway

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