in my fantasies, his name is “nicky” and his job title is “laying concrete”

you know i can spot a fine wolf a mile away.
if it isn’t the back of his head then it’s the way how he walks.
i’m like a “fine pineapple whisperer“.
i’m watching the inuaguration of biden/harris and ^that white wolf randomly popped up in the crowd.
our eyes locked and…


…i felt like samantha in “sex and the city 2” after that gay wedding they attended.
in my fantasies,
i’m at the bar and he comes up to me after he is done leading folks down hallways.
we talk for a little and lucky for him,
i’ve already made up my mind that we will be having sex that night.
in my fantasies,
i was moaning that loud too.

i’m sure he is a secret service agent so we’ll never get a lead.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “in my fantasies, his name is “nicky” and his job title is “laying concrete””

  1. I was thinking secret service, but he has the wrong pin. Secret Service has a green square pin. His is round. He may be a staffer on the hill or White House.

  2. That’s all well and good but how can you NOT talk about Michelle’s regal outfit? She came to slay as usual!!!!

  3. I’m gonna pray like that woman doing all that crying β€œPlease God let Jamari hook up with this guy”. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜œ

  4. Hi Jamari, I think this hot white wolf might be a personal aide to the Clintons. I noticed as I was doing some extra snooping to find out who this sexy wolf is, that he seemed to be always very close to the Clintons during their time at the capital.

      1. Unfortunately no. I found this out by scoping out the Inauguration day broadcast from ABC News. It was 11 hour long (!), but it gave me a good look at this hot wolf and he was ALWAYS close to the Clintons. So I’m thinking he may be part of their personal security detail. You can see a lot of him when the Clintons are arriving for the ceremony. He looks like a whole feast in that tight blue suit. Maybe one of our tech savvy foxes can make small clips from the ceremony for a better look?

  5. Lord yes! If you search YouTube for Biden Inauguration Day, the ABC News 11 hour broadcast gives you the best coverage. You can see him walking, how tight the pants are on his legs. his sexy dark eyes (I’m thinking Italian lineage), and a quick glimpse of his firm muscle ass (trying not to faint)! The unholy things I would do to that MAN…….

  6. I’m trying to find out. It would be early in the ceremony and after when the attendees are meeting and chatting with each other. You can see him in the background when the Clintons are chatting with that hot Senator Cory Booker after the President and Vice President (yes, Kamala) are sworn in.

  7. You are welcome! We must help each other to stalk down hot wolves for our inspection, appreciation and approval!

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