LOLOLsee i’m learning something new since watching “orange is the new black”.
check me out.
today i learned something else.
vixens could just be as thirsty for the wrong kind of wolf.
so much times,
people think gays are the only ones dry mouthed.
nuh uuuuuuhhhhhh.
 everyone meet the latest sexy in “commissary chic”
…well hello there.
let me slip into something more comfortable.
*gets naked and sprays cologne on pulse points*
much better.
nah seriously speaking tho,
his name is jeremy meeks and:

He was recently charged with multiple felonies, his bail is currently set at $900,000, and he happens to have an attractive mugshot. I wonder which one of those aspects Facebook users concentrated on when his photo was posted to the Stockton Police Department FB page?

The photo has been liked more than 10,000 times and the comments are… well, they’re kind of depressing. Most people are ignoring Meeks alleged crimes and focusing on the fact that he’s ridiculously good looking.

One person writes: “I’m in love.”

Another adds: “Damn those eyes.”

Another person writes: “Oh my god he can rob my house and assault me anytime.”

These Facebook commentators are just having a little bit of fun but they are also giving a small glimpse into the justice system. According to a 2010 study, ugly people are more likely to end up in prison than attractive people. According to the researchers at Cornell University, jurors are more likely to feel that an unattractive person is “the type of person” who would commit a crime.

An attractive person? Well, they’re the “type of person” who would never do anything to harm anyone.

Basically, if you want to get ahead in life you need to follow the golden rule: Be attractive. If you can’t manage to do that you should try to follow the other golden rule: Don’t be unattractive.

According to Fox News, Meeks was arrested (along with three other less attractive men) on Wednesday during an Operation Ceasefire sweep in Stockton’s Weston Ranch area.

tumblr_mw3q33wOWD1sj2xmwo1_400guess he’ll be having a prison “wife” soon.
he was arrested for:

illegally possessing firearms and ammo,
carrying a loaded firearm in public
and criminal street gang activity. 
the specific charge is street terrorism.

well i’m sure some female hyena is starting a fund raiser as we speak.
you know some dumb ass is already campaigning for that pipe.
wait just a minute!
lets not act like you don’t know a chick like this?
somewhere in the hood,
if you listen carefully,
someone is getting their back blown out right now by a jailbird.
she is also paying his metro pcs bill,
wardrobe on deck,
and even having him baby sit the chirren.
where is this happening?
the hood.
don’t let it be you foxhole.
you know they will go “gay 4 pay” in a minute.

article taken: HERE

see all the thirsty comments on: stockton police department

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I see that he’s a mulatto or perhaps even less than half black.. I see that he has a white mother: Black people often go “ga-ga” over mulatto and mixed men and women. Hate black. Love white. And ain’t that cooning!

  2. In the mugshot he’s handsome but if you watch or see the pic of him in his prison jumper not so much. Black women, especially darker ones, have an extreme weak spot for handsome light skin dudes. Growing up I saw a few light skin dudes run through a whole grip of girls. Often leaving them with babies and diseases as they make their way through a particular area.

    Of course the irony here is he’s married to White girl. Black women stay losing.

    1. Yea, black women do have a weak spot for men in general. Black women are weak over any fine man, no matter the skin tone. They give him money, a place to stay, new clothes, and even their paychecks, while he is on the interstate on a high speed chase in their cars. I’ve had women open doors for me, not hold them, but open it back so I could go first. I never accept it. It doesn’t feel right. I’m an independent guy, and prefer to do shit by myself without a woman, and I don’t want a Fox to do things like that for me either. Real men do not live off their partners, especially if they see them being foolish over him. Not cool.

  3. ironically while I’m reading this entry for the first time, I’m watching Good morning america right now at 9:24am today and they said his mother is starting a fundraiser for him, they had a video of him speaking from behind bars saying that he heard from his wife that his face has gotten popular on social media.. and he said he’s not this drug kingpin like the authorities are saying but if you know anything about the prison lifestyle EVERYONE claims to be innocent lol…he’s handsome but there’s PLENTY of sexy men in prison and on the streets in that lifestyle lord knows I’m STILL trying to get over my affinity for thugs it seems like that’s all i attract, i guess opposites do attract

  4. Well, everyone’s dream man is married to a white woman. I bet none of the people out there who were lusting want him now.

  5. Thats what I love about the foxhole, I saw this story earlier today and said to myself, this is a foxhole approve story and I come here and of course its here LOL. This place never disappoint. Being team light skin myself, I dont go up over too many light skin dudes give me brown or blue black to make me feel some kind of way, but I aint gone lie, this dude right here might make me break my light skin rule if only for a minute, he is just a drop dead gorgeous good looking dude no matter how you slice it up felonies and all.

  6. Yes, it pays to be attractive–in court or elsewhere. And it pays to be white–in court and elsewhere. And this is the case so much so that that handsome, white guy might just slit your throat! Prejudice–prejudgment can be dangerous.

    And the guy in the picture might be gay. He might be straight. He might be a top. He might be a bottom.

    And here’s another “prejudice”–the taller a man is–up to an optimum–the more attractive he is, all other things being equal. For men, the optimum height is generally from 6’1″ to 6’3″. So for two men with the same look–one that is 6’0″ is more handsome than his identical twin that is 5″10–generally. And the man that is 6’1″ is also more handsome than his identical twin that is 6’4″–generally.

  7. The guy in the pic is handsome and “Negroes” often go “ga-ga” over light-skinned, light-eyed dudes (as opposed to dark-skinned, dark-eyed dudes). The Negroes have often adopted the European standard of beauty of the slavemaster. That standard says that pale skin, pointy noses, thin lips, blue or green or light eyes and stringy hair (typical white features) is preferable to the typical featuress of black people–dark skin, broad noses, full lips, dark eyes and tightly coiled/nappy/strong hair. These Negroes love white and hate black. But ain’t that cooning?

    1. I don’t think this dude is handsome at all. He’s cute, but nah. Except the other light skin dude with light eyes is definitely handsome. But I love men with dark skin, broad noses, full lips, dark eyes and nappy/strong hair and prefer them over the light skin ones and honestly not a lot of light skin dudes are good-looking in real life. Yea you bump into a few gorgeous ones, but not a lot tho. And I could be wrong for saying this, but dark skin men have better bodies too.

    1. Lmao @cats but you are right though, he does nothing for me. Happy hunting guys.

  8. Ya’ll need to remember that even Satan was the most beautiful angel in Heaven, (Lucifer) and look how he turned out!!!!

      1. They did an interview with him and some people are saying he didn’t look as good in it. Somebody said “Maybe it’s the lighting.”

  9. What’s with the light-skin blue eyed dudes being gorgeous criminals? Don’t they have better things to do like whore themselves out on instagram. I hate tattoos near the eyes, makes them look bruised.

    The highlighted parts up there about unattractive people being charged more is a damn shame. A criminal is a criminal, no matter how sexy.

    Low-key I actually prefer the pic with his eyes covered. I imagined him having brown eyes and once I saw they were blue I just, I don’t know, his eyes look dry for some reason.

    1. Zen, that tattoo under his eye signifies he has murdered someone. I just learned that last year while on grand jury duty. Each tear drop around the eye stands for a murder that’s been commited. It was chilling to see that people would advertise this. Take stock of people you see on the streets but don’t let them notice you staring.

  10. If you go to the Facebook page…to me, the guy in the picture next to this guy looks better. This kat does nothing for me. Maybe because he reminds me of my evil ass cousin. LOL
    The comments are funny…but I find myself saying things like that when I see cuties being arrested for crimes on TV. Sometimes the officers walking them away are bad as hell too! LOL

    1. ^right c!
      dont sleep on cops!
      they come with benefits too.
      like firearms and the ability to clear your parking tickets.
      bad cop >>>> jeremy meeks

  11. Bad boys are fucking hot and addictive, but why tho? What makes us become so attracted to bad boys than those who do good?

    1. ^because they are confident and know how to pull us out our comfort zones.
      good boys are boring and live within the rules.
      how many times do we fall for someone that gives us an attitude?
      treat us like shit?
      they are doing something outside the norm.

      1. Yea that true, except I don’t go for that treat me like shit antic. I am a Taurean I got a bad temper and I do whup asses.

      2. Typical female or fox answer. Y’all wouldn’t know a good man if Jesus came down and told you so, real talk lol. I not totally a good guy, but I ain’t NEVER lost to his type. Good men aren’t confident tho? Y’all go for the drug dealers, bangers, and thieves, and then complain once you get locked up for being involved in their deals. Then you want a good man.

      3. I’m gonna lie I always had this fantasy of going to Colombia with two friends and we’re at the beach wearing a sunga(speedo). As I walk along the line this dark chocolate, bald-headed, muscular Colombian papi who own a penthouse next the beach and is a drug lord wants me. Shit I would give him this Puerto Rican lovin and carry his half Colombian babies(if I was a woman) but I guess I will carry his seeds.

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