azealia banks has something on her head she wants us to look at

so two things.
today on the podcast,
we conjured up azealia banks because i haven’t seen/heard from her in a minute.
she was randomly mentioned by cousin hybrid during a discussion about teyana taylor.
stay tuned next week for that.
a foxholer just sent me her recent IG entry and i’ll leave it here for review…

uh huh…

but foxhole…


i have literally been seeing angel numbers everywhere.
that 7777 is such an important sequence especially after the podcast discussion today.
 Universe and Spirit,
i’m listening.

see more on her: instagram

6 thoughts on “azealia banks has something on her head she wants us to look at

  1. 🙄 anything for attention, she was probably dermarolling her scalp (for hair growth) and did it too damn hard and in true Azealia fashion, post it on IG (with no explanation) to get people concerned when in fact nothing is going on

  2. She was ranting on her FB stories last week how she regretted voting for Biden & would rather have a known racist in the white house than a democrat. I didn’t get all of it though cause it was just so out there. Probably should’ve screenshot it but honestly IDC that much since we got her vote & won hahaha.

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