it’s the mixed signals that makes you want to smash

when you masturbate to the thought of him,
i’m sure you shoot pretty hard.
he’s always the star of the show every time you think about him.
he has flaws,
but you look past it because he turns you on so much.
people think he is just “okay“,
but to you,
he is everything.
outside tho,
the interest is there,
but he gives a shit ton of mixed signals.
it only adds to the fantasy.

Mystery is the fantasy.

i saw a tweet from @robert_rules that was an “ah-ha” moment…

wouldn’t it be a mess that the guy you dreamed of,
fantasized about,
and made to be “the one” off rip,
is actually not what he seems?
it made me wonder about mixed signals and the people behind them.

Are those mixed signals simply a yellow light to proceed with caution or turn tf around?

some wolves i’ve been interested in are all mystery but i think that’s it.
the mixed signals are really what makes them attractive.
outside of that…

8 thoughts on “it’s the mixed signals that makes you want to smash

  1. One thing for sure is I am never going to fantasise about a wolf that people consider just “okay”, and to be honest the mixed signal doesn’t work on me because that is the tactic I use. I do the rude boy, hot and cold shtick and it’s the reason I was never able to keep a friend or able to get rid of the crazies who became obsessed. It’s really effective in romance.

    I think the mixed signals being so attractive have to do with dopamine, when someone who appears to not be interested suddenly shows interest, you get a hit of dopamine because of the positive interaction and so you start trying to get another positive interaction, it becomes addictive like a drug.

  2. Mixed signals is for highschool. Any “adult” who does that I assume isn’t into me. I will delete your # SO QUICK.

    For example I recently had someone ask for my #. Gave it to him. I texted him about something he’s interested in and he replied: Huh?

    deleted his #. I don’t know if people do that to get an extra reply, but he hit me a few days later asking where I’ve been. I am not going to stroke anyone’s ego.

    I. AM. THE. PRIZE. That doesn’t mean I want to be chased. It means if you want to win my attention, do something to make me give it to you.

    I NEVER stick to talking to one guy. I did this for YEARS and he’d just ghost me and I’d see him with someone else. It made me realize I was giving loyalty…when I wasn’t in a relationship. Why? Because I felt talking to other guys would make me a hoe. How am I a hoe if I’m not sleeping with them nor have a title?

    Guys usually weed themselves out so I just let them be trash. That whole give him time, he’ll change is stupid. Whatever he does now, he’ll do in a marriage and when you take him to therapy for it, he’ll say You knew who I was when you married me and that’s if he’d even marry you. How many gay men can say they KNOW they’d get proposed to or have a guy say Yes? Decide what you can put up with now, because he is NOT going to change over night. I cut off what I couldn’t deal with for a lifetime. Rather be single than have a man who “didn’t see my text” when HE made plans.

    YOU set the mood for how people treat you. I make a big deal about things I don’t like. MEN will apologize and not do it again. BOYS will keep doing it and they’ll keep doing it to themselves because I delete and block them. There’s a reason it’s called FawkBOYS and not FawkMEN!

      1. Yeah, if you don’t think you can do any better than him, you’ll accept the mixed mess. People get so focused on “I DIDN’T THINK I COULD PULL HIM! I’D BE A FOOL TO LET HIM GO!”, but now matter how attractive he is, somebody, somewhere is tired of his shenanigans.

        1. Chile we need to talk. You seem like the right person to give me accurate advice on what I’m contemplating.

  3. I don’t deal with mixed signals. If we talking and you giving me mixed signals, we got one time to talk about it and then its a wrap. I’m done. No need to go further because if you acting like this now, I don’t need this when we are actually together.

    Same when we together and you start giving mixed signals. We gone talk and if you doing the same thing, time for you to go. Have fun with them games.

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