so victoria monet debuts her baby faavah for the internet to see

 all the whispering about who victoria monet’s baby faavah was on the money.
if the internet wants to find out something,
they most certainly will.
this is the reveal


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that is actually pretty dope.
let’s hope this union lasts.
as the same internet has shown us,
this could be the calm before the storm.
good luck to them!

i wonder how his ex feels?
the one he use to boast all over social media.
they were together for a year and nothing.
he gets with victoria and she’s pregnant in a few months.
this goes to show

Males know who they are gonna settle/procreate with.

some vixens,
and males,
end up being placeholders until that happens.

9 thoughts on “so victoria monet debuts her baby faavah for the internet to see

  1. I’m not falling for it just because I like her, the order is all wrong. Best of luck but I already know this ain’t going to last. Had this been some random girl from the street the messy girls would have been talking ill on the relationship because it looks like recipe for disaster. All I can say is good luck to her and she is soooo pretty.

  2. Yeah ok. Soon as he do another shoot with Marvin Benaime, another woman is going come thru his line and try to dog her. I’m never the one to shade a relationship but until he says I do, she don’t have no claims on this man. You just have 18 years of “that’s just my baby daddy”. I wouldn’t be surprise if a dude tries to pop up after all this. People have a fantasy in their head that these wolves will someday be theirs and they will go out of their way to ruin it. Let them be happy but the fact this is on social media like Nick knocked up Mariah again, says we spend too much time in other people lives. Let them enjoy their happiness. So what he raw dawged her and his pull out game was weak. What makes him different than LeMarques and Shaunta or Brandon and Vanessa. Her baby daddy could’ve been the son of Michael Blackson and Leslie Jones, who cares. Here is the question I want to ask the internet, “now what”?

    1. “until he says I do, she don’t have no claims on this man.”….hell, wedding vows don’t even mean sh!t to some. Having babies with folks you’ve known for a hot minute is never a recipe for a together 4 eva type scenario

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