Awww, Is That Your STD Or You Just Happy To See Me?


not all of us.
but if this ain’t scary news.
lord knows i had a crazy day today,
and then an f-bi sends me this… – According to new data released by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 19.7 million new venereal infections in the United States in 2008, bringing the total number of existing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the U.S. at that time to 110,197,000.

The 19.7 million new STIs in 2008 vastly outpaced the new jobs and college graduates created in the United States that year or any other year on record, according to government data. The competition was not close.

The STI study referenced by the CDC estimated that 50 percent of the new infections in 2008 occurred among people in the 15-to-24 age bracket. In fact, of the 19,738,800 total new STIs in the United States in 2008, 9,782,650 were among Americans in the 15-to-24 age bracket.

By contrast, there were 1,524,092 bachelor’s degrees awarded in the United States in the 2007-2008 school year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That means the total number of new STIs in 2008 outpaced the total number of new bachelor’s degrees by nearly 13 to 1, and the number of new STIs among Americans in the 15-to-24 age bracket outnumbered new bachelor’s degrees by more than 6 to 1.


barf central.
well look,
you can do one of three things.

1. turn into a monk and join a monetary.
2. become celibate and get re-antiquated with your new buddies, hand-or and hand-rea.
3. be careful who you let in your back door and attic.

i don’t want to live in a place of fear.
meeting wolves and having to dissect them like a fifth grade science project.
life is one big risk if you didn’t realize.
from waking up in the morning,
walking out your door,
and coming home at night.

follow the foxhole protection plan.
you get one copy when you enter the foxhole.
free of charge.
it goes a little something like this:

don’t be sloppy,
research the mofo you about to let smash you stupid,
 be as safe as possible,
and if it doesn’t feel right:


it would also help you calm your fast ass down too.
not everyone needs to get your “foxhole”.

brought to you by the jamari fox center for disease control.

6 thoughts on “Awww, Is That Your STD Or You Just Happy To See Me?

  1. That’s a damn shame.

    Bacterial Infections are increasingly become drug resistant…the next stage is for viral infections to become airborne.

    The world isn’t ready for airborne HIV mixed with untreatable, therefore incurable, syphilis, chlamydia, or gonorrhea.

    Just recently in NYC there was an outbreak of bacterial meningitis affecting men who frequent sexual social apps and sites to find partners. Meningitis ain’t no joke, fuck AIDS, 24-72 hours after exposure, and left untreated, your ass is D-E-A-D. Be careful who you kiss or who coughs on/around you.

  2. Wow grabs hasmat suit and hand sanitizer. This is so sad and the reason I do extensive background checks

  3. I’m more disgusted in the fact that there’s more people out there with STIs than there is with college degrees. I’m leaving my house in a plastic bubble from now on. Ain’t nothin out there for me.

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