“All Up Deep In Your Feelz”: The Soundtrack

tumblr_mrxmx9f1k31suptfso1_500i like sad music.
i like music that will put me in my feelz.
i know thats wasn’t the most “politically correct” thing to say,
but you already know i’ve said much worse.
now don’t get me wrong…

i love a good trap beat.
i also like music that is sorta “braggadocios”.
in moments when i’m feeling depressed tho,
i can’t get into them.
its almost like i have to force myself to keep up.
sad music,
or “in my feelz” music as i like to call it,
allows me to shut the world out and get my thoughts together.

“ultra violence” and “honeymoon” by lana del rey
“1000 forms of fear” by sia
“the velvet rope” by janet
“the miseducation of lauryn hill” by lauryn hill
“19” by adele
“funhouse” by pink
“rated r” by rihanna
“in the lonely hour” by sam smith
“stripped” by christina aguliera
“get rich or die tryin’” by 50
“the blueprint” by jay z
“waiting to exhale” the soundtrack

…and those are just to name a few.

i have always liked albums where either:

the artist was in pain
the overall vibe is stupid chill
the lyrics relate to my exact situation

every artist has an album that you can tell they were in a different headspace.
it true when they say sadness brings the best art.
i feel like if you can’t go forward when you are “in your feelz”,
music can help you find yourself if you let it.

giphyso i have to ask the foxhole,
when you in your feelz,
do you like your music…

Fast or slow?

lowkey: it was john coltrane earlier.
now its a little lana.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

47 thoughts on ““All Up Deep In Your Feelz”: The Soundtrack”

      1. I noticed August is not on that list. What happened to August this time? It seems as though his new album are tracks that did not make the cut for the first album. I am highly disappointed…

      2. ^ I agree lol. I’m not a huge August fan but I prefer his first album over the second. This recent album was full of “filler” songs IMO. Not one song really stuck out for me

  1. Typically slow or emo, depending on how in my feelings I am. Today, however, I found out a dear friend passed and Janet’s “Broken Hearts Heal” is about my speed…

  2. I like either! I’m huge fan of R&B/Soul. Love Mary, Jazmine, Fantasia, Brandy, Melanie Fiona, etc. I’m really big on passion and soul. Certain artists are a little too sad for me though (Lana, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean to name a few).

    1. LOL…you consider The Weeknd’s music sad?! I consider that shyt raunchy as fuck…in a good way. All he talks about is sex and drugs. LOL

      1. It depends what Weeknd song you listen to. He has some songs in his “Trilogy” compilation album such as; Twenty Eight, Valerie, Montreal, Echoes of Silence, Till Dawn, The Knowing (my favorite) etc. Those songs are good to listen to when you’re feeling kinda blue.

        His mainstream songs are usually sex/drug-related but he has a lot of other better songs which go unnoticed I must say

  3. It depends on the mood I’m in. I’m usually upbeat, so I listen to upbeat music more…but when I’m in my moods/funks it’s mood appropriate music. The songs with a message or lyrics that match my situation.
    Back in the day “Stripped” was the soundtrack to my life, man did those songs fit my situation.
    “Get Mine, Get Yours” is my theme song for relationships now. LOL

    1. ^her album was her peak it seems.
      britney was able to keep going.
      christina seemed to stall after that…

      lotus was good,
      but i haven’t listened to it after i wore it out.
      i can listen to stripped whenever and it feel like new.

      1. ^Yeah..Stripped was the culmination of her career. She’s never been able to top that disc ’cause she’s been all over the place with her music. Once again, an artist sharing their deepest pain puts out an album that takes their career into overdrive, and they never see that pinnacle again once that album “dies out”.
        I will never understand how Britney managed to eclipse her, because she can’t sing to save her life, but her marketing team and sexy image helped her immensely. Even though she’s had some hits that I like…I always wanted to see her perform one of them without lip-syncing it. LOL

  4. I’m more into chill sad music most of the time no matter my feelings. Maxwell the mtv unplugged album, the education of Lauryn hill, Jill Scott first album, waiting to exhale the soundtrack, the body guard soundtrack, Luther, to name a few when I’m in my feelings.

    P.S. If you’re looking for good chilled music check out The Justin Timberlake love ballets playlist on Apple Music.

  5. The Weeknd. I will always have time for Trilogy & Kiss Land. Tinashe (her mixtapes). Jhene Aiko. Drake (“Take Care” & prior) and Sade Adu.

    I also really like Rico Love’s “TTLO” album when I’m in a mood.

    1. ^im going to check out that rico love.
      it seems jhene aiko is everyone’s go to for mood music.

      …and how could I forget drake?!
      i never heard a tinashe mixtape.
      everyone says they are better than her mainstream stuff.

    1. I was listening to this at work one day and my co-workers were like “oooh, you all up in those harmonies. what’s wrong with you?” LOL…I was just listening but I have to admit the music put me on the express train to my feelings.

    1. Joe….”Now That You’re Gone” is my shit!!! I remember that song was playing on the radio when I ended a “friendship”. The words stuck with me, and every-time I hear it I think of that dickhead. LOL
      “Now that you’re gone, I’m finding time for me.” I was so caught up in making sure everyone else was being taken care of, I was neglecting myself.

  6. Sad music on Christmas Day? Wow, cue Elvis and “Blue Christmas”…not! Hurry up and play the Donny Hathaway christmas song for this brutha! (Ha)

    Well, Jamari, I’m going to give you some “classy sad” for your playlist, from the elders: look up Louis Jordan’s version of “Azure Te.” It’s not the most famous version of the song, but I think Jordan nailed the melancholy of the lyrics beautifully.

    As a kid, “Sideshow” by Blue Magic was a favorite. Looking back, I have to wonder what the hell kind of ten-year-old has a sad song like that as his favorite? Lol. “Feelz soundtracks” are pretty subjective by person, by they are a great insight into the minds of each other. As an adult, “Being Boring” by Pet Shop Boys and “I Am, I Be” by De La Soul take me there. Both remind me of friends lost along the way at such a young age and how I survived them.

  7. The Mary J. Blige playlist on Apple Music gave me life today. I was in my bedroom dancing like Mary at her concert to “Mary Jane (All Night Long)”

    I like a good emo playlist, mixed with mid tempo bop lol

    Babyface, Toni Braxton, Sia, Lauryn Hill, Jon B.

    Sorry but that Demi Lovato song never gets old lol

    I’m surprised to say this but even that Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” album kinda jams.

    My taste in music is very all over the place lol

  8. Its been n awful yr fr me, had to bury my mom, so I tend to listen to the ‘Melancholies’ a lot lately.

    I find Bombay Bicycle Club’s So Long, See You Tomorrow very helpful.

    Adna’s Beautiful Hell beckoning

    Alessia Cara’s Four Pink Walls uplifting

    N Maverick Sabre’s Give it Up and Come Fly Away, the best tunes to remind me nt to wallowwallowuch lest I frgt to climb back out

  9. For me, when I’m in darker moods, I like to go back to the classic Evanescence first album. “Lithium” on their second album is my favourite of theirs though when im going through it. Sia got me through some harder times along with Evanescence, and I’m liking some of her new songs: Bird Set Free, Alive, One Million Bullets, and some Frank Ocean when I’m more pensive, poetic moods, maybe some Adele, and The Bodyguard songs: ( I have Nothing is my favourite and ofc I will Always Love You) Alicia Keys is classic, and I’m just starting to get into Ed sheeran (really like him), Mary J. Blige and some Ne-Yo.

    I like Maxwell, Miguel, Jhene, The Weeknd, Adrian Marcel, FKA Twigz, and Elijah Blake, James Blake, Sade and Bruno Mars etc. are what I like to listen to when I’m in chill/happy/ or sexy moods. I like atmospheric music in general and they all fit that description. recently I’ve been listening to this group.

    When I’m in good spirits I listen to reggaeton and bachata music mixed with the atmospheric group above. It makes me feel “alive” : Prince Royce, maybe some Romeo Santos for bachata, and Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, and Dread Mar I is my favourite artist to listen to of them.

    Lauryn Hill is my favourite Artist in general, mood doesn’t matter for me when it comes to her lol.

    Depending on my mood I just pick between any of these groups of artists most of the time.

    1. ^Wow “Diggy”…didn’t realize you liked so many of the same artists as I do…especially the Reggaeton artists! You let out Farruko though! LOL

      1. Ohh I like Farruko too! he’s not my go-to though! I really like Tony Dize too, and sometimes J. Alvarez! I’m in the market for looking for some new reggaeton artists, or latin artistas in general! Any suggestions? Lindo where you at? You need to chime in too!

    2. Hey Dignified, I checked out some of your recommendations, one I am really enjoying is Adrian Marcel, I had never heard of him before, he has some good stuff, another person I had never heard of was Elijah Blake, also downloaded a few tracks from him, couldnt really get into FKA Twigz, I also downloaded a song from Evanescense, another group I have never heard of and they have been around a long time.

      1. Hey Tajan, I’m glad you liked them! Adrian Marcel is surprisingly decent! “waiting” is my favourite from him, and I like “6” from Elijah! I’ve been on the lookout for more artists like them out there, but they’re kind of hard to find! FKA Twigz is an acquired taste for sure. I don’t like all of her stuff, but “pendulum”, “two weeks” , and “water me” have got me hooked. I listened to her newer album and was disappointed though. Didn’t really like anything on that one.
        You might like James Blake and Chet Faker! They’re pretty good too!

  10. Brandy has an unreleased track called “Doesn’t Really Matter” and that songs speaks to me when I get down about love. Her voice is just oozing sorrow and sadness.

    1. ^That’s a great song, but “Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out” from Full Moon, is my absolute favorite Brandy song.

  11. I go slow when I’m in my feelings, but I might speed it up if I don’t feel like going there. Waiting to Exhale definitely takes me there… “Why Does It Hurt So Bad” SMH

    1. ^Although that I love most of the tracks on that disc….”Chante Moore’s track, “Wey U” does it for me the most.

  12. Some artist I turn to when I am in my feels include this new artist a friend randomly turned me on to who I never heard of and I am even surprised at myself how much I like her music because she is so different from anything I listen to and that is Alina Baraz&Galimatias, this music takes you to another place. Also on the list would be Sade songs, “I Couldnt Love You More” and “Bullet Proof Soul” Maxwell has a few cuts, as well as this new dude I discovered call Bryson Tiller who has a good album called Trapsoul.

    I am going to check out some of these artist mentioned, as I have never heard of many of them. I can listen to this type of music all the time. Other notable mentions are Me’Shell NdegeOcello, Marsha Ambrouis, and Drake of all people, I dont like any of his mainstream work but he has this song called The Real Her that has a dark haunting melody. Also its this rare song by Aretha Franklin called “Tree of Life” which has a haunting soulful melody that takes me to another place I cant even explain.

    I guess deep down this melancholy music touches me because I have a layer of sadness right under the surface that I only share with myself.

  13. I’m a slow jam type of dude when I’m in my emotions. So that’s any Genre. From R&B to country. But this year Jazmine Sullivan “reality show” get me the most. The songs “brand new” and “forever don’t last” speak volumes on those moody days.

  14. There’s nothing wrong with liking slow, melancholy music. When I’m in my feelings, I put on Lauryn Hill or Mary J. Blige.

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