aaron carter’s death has me thinking about the troubled people in our own lives

 aaron carter‘s death had me thinking last night.
first off,
i remember when he came out with music.
i wasn’t into boybands but i knew he was nick carter from bsb’s brother:


at that time,
the siblings of stars were trying to get put on too.
he was troubled for quite some time.
the last i saw is that he had an onlyans and it was pretty awful.
he seemed to have been carrying something heavy for him to be like that.
the thing is…

In our lives,
we know a lot of people like Aaron Carter

it could be siblings,
family members,

or even our parents.
their rebellion and burning bridges go deeper for them.
as much as we try,
we can’t help them so we have to make the distance.
it sucks but as we see them acting out,
trying to get the attention of anyone who will care,
we are still waiting for that phone call.

i have been thinking about those in our lives who are troubled.
are you completely fed up and don’t care anymore?
do you still hold out hope they will turn it all around?

they are killing themselves slowly because the pain is too heavy,
but they are making it hard for people to care about them anymore.
its very frustrating when they take your kindness for weakness.
they have stolen from you,
turned on you,
or even tried to kill you.
 you have to block and remove yourself entirely,
but even though you know that they are too far gone to be helped

Is it selfish to say you feel a little relief because you don’t have to worry about them anymore?

…or is that wrong to font out loud?
rip to aaron carter.
even though his time on earth was filled with pain,
i hope his transition to God will be easier.

Author: jamari fox

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One thought on “aaron carter’s death has me thinking about the troubled people in our own lives”

  1. This was sad to hear. I pray that Aaron Carter is finally resting and at peace with The Most High. 🙏🏾♥️ *sidebar: And all of those involved who abused him and caused him pain, must answer to The Most High.

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