Brian Stinger Has Deadly Jesus Assassins Plotting Drive Bys

Everyone meet Oscar.

Isn’t he cute?
Oscar is my new puppy and the guard dog for IJF.
I may be asking some of you Wolves to take him for walks on occasion.
With that being said, I got an intersting comment in #cuminsidejamari in regards to Brian Stinger aka Scorpion.
Apparently, one of the Brain Stinger’s current lovers decided to pay me a visit.

Peep under the flap..

just read your blog on ” what ever happened to brian stinger “…. I must say that it was very interesting. I just want to say that the hand of GOD is on his life now. If you know anything about GOD, you know that the heavenly father chooses those who are farthest from him, and the most unlikely to change and edify his holy name. I couldn’t believe what you posted at first, but then I decided that it doesn’t matter that you want to ” TRY ” to use his past to discredit him as a true believer in GOD, because I know for a fact that GOD will use what you do to lift him up even more. ” BUT ” … listen carefully… If I were you, I’d be very afraid of what GOD WILL DO TO ME ! GOD SAYS THAT HIS WORD WILL NOT RETURN VOID.
Its been thousands of years and it hasn’t happened yet. So you can’t make dirty what GOD has proclaimed clean. There are hundreds of verses in the bible about people who have done what you’re doing, and millions of stories about what happened to people who have hate for GOD and his holly spirit. In closing I just want to say that ” Mark 13:13 says… ” All men will hate you for my names sake. ” what do you think is the reward is for those who hate people that represent GOD’s word. It’s obvious that you would feel much better if you found out that the person in question was making a come back in to that industry, but your hate for what he’s doing now shows and shines through in the slanderous tone of your writing. You should- if you must write- support him positively. tell your readers that this man has truly changed his life. Pray for him as I do for you. Bless him and GOD will bless you. Other-wise do what you do entertain your readers with half truths and lies and hate for the one who wakes you up everyday…. and GOD will remove his hand from you and let your father the devil entertain your readers with the news of your horrific demise. I KNOW WHEN YOU READ THIS THE LORD WILL HARDEN YOUR HEART AND MAKE YOU GO EVEN HARDER AT DESTRUCTION… ALL WHO READ THIS…. WHATCH !
your truly, S. ROBINSON


Jamari Fox promotes and personally uses the word of the Lord in his life in may ways.
God has been using me and my product to help improve the lives of others.
Although I am not perfect,
God knows my heart because I pray to him every night and morning.So you don’t have to worry about my yard S. Rob.
The grass over here is real and gets cut reguarly.

You can see S. Rob out now…

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “Brian Stinger Has Deadly Jesus Assassins Plotting Drive Bys”

  1. um…. im not gona go in on him cause it seems like a pattern now. jamari talks about a person in a neutral sense and their lover or fuck buddy comes and throws shit in the fan and about to get their ass wooped. as i remember it was a good post hell it brought back memories from when i was sneaking around on my moms computer just to watch his vids (on free preview). maybe you should publish a dictionary to go with your posts jamari

  2. What S. Robinson don’t know is… Is that I just purchased a whole stack of patio chairs and he/she can take a pick, walk to the back yard, pass the patio, walk onto the grass and go to the corner of the yard back behind the shed, and sit the hell down!!

  3. “One of” his current lovers? Using the Word but on this site & following you on Twitter? Sir… ——–>

  4. Is this even for real? It is a lot of lunatic looneys on the NET. Im like where the hell did all of this come from. I must have missed something in the original post. I didnt read any of the things she/he is saying. I am thinking this must be a female. Im going to say this, I wish the young man well, but “temptation takes no vacation”, she or he should be praying for him to fight his demons. I remember when porn star Venom took this holy route, only to come back even nastier in his movies than when he left. We are all human and all fall short of the glory, and if he is really into the word he does not have to worry what a blogger opinion of him is.SMH at the foolishness of this. Again I will pray that this young man finds his way, its beautiful if he has found the Lord and will be able to turn his life around for the better.

  5. It’s nice to see that your Blog is so widely read. And although I don’t agree with the comments of Mr Robinson I was raised in the belief that they have every right to their opinions.

    I’d like to address an additional comment to Mr Robinson in the hopes that he reads this. Please ask Mr Singer to STOP singing!!!! I heard that its written somewhere to make a ‘joyful noise unto the Lord’. Noise it most certainly is, joyful it isn’t!!!!

    And I think your puppy is really sweet, he should have his own Blog post instead of putting him before those rantings!

  6. not to defend or anything, i think they are more concerned by him not becoming side tracked after his ten year stint in jail for armed robbery, and doesn’t want any bad press to ruin his new christian lifestyle as the Christian R&B artist RIZM.

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