Justin Bieber Wants You To Beat It

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.27.53 PMsomeone get this justin bieber a retirement plan booklet.
geez louise.
he is just not for this “fame” life anymore.
he is completely over it,
the grass,
the trees,
red m&ms,
fruity pebbles
the list goes on and on.
so a couple fans wanted to give him a present.
this is what he did with said present…
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f0xmail F-BI: Who Is The New Male Tatted Wolf Who Models For Levis?

one of the f-bi sent me an email asking about this wolf..

Levis-501-Non-Denim-Areia_0^i like the fit with the boots.
can someone wrap that up for me to go???
ok focus…
anyway, he is the new model wolf for levis…

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If eyes are the window to the soul…

…then I must have my curtains down.

Seriously, I am so bad at eye contact.
I do a lot of looking off and looking to the side when I am speaking to someone.
I am also terrible at the whole Wolf eye fuckin’ thing too.
I never could get it right and when I do, I feel like I am being obvious as hell.
I am sure they think I’m stuck up or not interestedand the latter isn’t the case.
A lot of people are naturals at this eye fuckin’ thing, but I am such a bad eye fuck.

How do you get them to cum to you with your eyes?

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Chris Brown: Jamari Fox Has Some ADVICE For You.


I’m rooting for you.
I am.
But throwing a chair through a glass window at GMA???
Have you lost your ever loving blonde mind?
Alleged or not, I need to work some magic on your career.
Let’s have a quick pow wow in the Foxhole. …

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