The Case of The Hanging Tree Down in Atlanta

tumblr_mlz3m5R6CB1s5jjtzo1_1280you know suicide is a touchy subject for me.
it’s something i have struggled with for years.
i’m never one to not admit what weighs me down.
depression is no joke and i wouldn’t wish it on my worse enemy.
well everyone say goodbye to michael george smith jr.
he was also known as “london jermaine” on facebook.
he took his own life by hanging,
when everyone thought he was lynched during “hell last week” for the blacks.
a foxholer sent me the story via project q
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One Snaps and A Suicide


snapchat is the new wave.
if you live under a rock,
snapchat is another social media service for your roster.
it uses images and short pictures to show your life “behind the scenes”.
after 24 hours,
the story is ghost and you start fresh with new updates.
the animals think because a story is erased,
they can do all kind of ratchet shit with no evidence left.
well the ex wolf of this 15 year old vixen thought he was getting revenge.
her supposed “friends” started it.
what he did was cause her to commit suicide via the daily beast
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Free Morgan

free-willy-tcno pervert.
pull your pants up!
this is actually about something sad.
well to me anyway.
so it use to baffle me that animals,
our smaller and wetter kind,
actually tried to commit suicide.
that is until a squirrel ran in front the road,
saw my car coming at the time,
and didn’t budge.
it was almost like “take me out my misery”.
i’m sure it gave me the middle paw once i didn’t hit it.
well that’s kinda what happened at sea world the other day.
sans car.
an orca named “morgan” wanted to set free her own willy.
peep this video and article via the ny daily news
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You Answered My Cries In The Dark Forest

tumblr_muve6cEIau1qb30dwo1_500i wrote something yesterday,
not out of a place of sadness,
but looking out from where i am right now.
it felt good to let it off my chest.
i was actually at a peaceful place when i wrote it.
tired af,
but at peace.
that is the scary part because i was in a zone of no fucks.
i didn’t cry when i really write something emotional.
i was good.
i just wanted to release.
that i did…
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