another celebrity takes their life and we need to “check in on people”? (massive eye roll)

here we go…
a celebrity takes their own life and everyone remembers they are human.

“We gotta check in on our strong friends.”
“Please check in on people.”

…and other phrases that show me how self-absorbed we can be.
 stephen “twitch” boss decided to stop living yesterday.
we are left with a ton of questions

but suddenly…

We understand that people,
including our friends,
could be struggling too.

…which will only last a week.
we will repost their greatness and accomplishments AFTER they died.
this is what i’ve come to realized…

if you are a good friend,
you should know when your friends are struggling.
it’s the things they say and do.
it’s the quiet things they don’t say that should alert concern.
with some friends,
we won’t ever know due to their own pride or insecurities.
they try to show their lives as grandiose as possible.
here is the reality:

If someone is planning on taking their own life,
in some cases,
they have made up their minds to do so.
You can check-in,
sleep in the next room,
or slip an AirTag secretly in their pockets.
Many people are unhappy and they want to give up.

what we need to be talking about is if you are struggling:


don’t suffer in silence because in some cases,
we are all dealing with our own struggles too.
you know i let ya’ll know when i’m going through it.
my friends are already told as well.
we need to be more honest about how we feel rather than how we look.
one last thing:

Many of us lack grace because we live in a world where being petty and nasty is appreciated.

i know his time on earth wasn’t what he hoped,
but i hope his transition was a peaceful one.
may he feel peace within the Lord’s embrace that he didn’t feel here.
rest in power to stephen “twitch” boss.

8 thoughts on “another celebrity takes their life and we need to “check in on people”? (massive eye roll)

  1. Luka🔥You said that!!
    Jamari 🦊
    Not always, but sometimes when you speak candidly to your audience regarding your inner feelings, struggles, issues stemming from rejection, there are not a lot of responses. Folk want to be entertained, yet their interest in your attaining inner peace and quiet, is minimal.

  2. We understand that people,
    including our friends,
    could be struggling too.
    …which will only last a week.


    Mental illness is truly something. I doubt he saw a way out, not only leaving his wife but 3 children behind. I wish more people took advantage of mental health services.

  3. Thats why i hate the “you never know what someone’s going through”discourse because lord knows people aren’t any more understanding, kinder, or softer if they do.

  4. RIP to that young man. I think a big part of it is ppl (IF they have ppl in their lives who they think/feel would truly care about what they’re going through) feeling like they’re placing their burdens onto ppl who alrdy have many of their own.

    It’s disappointing that ppl are as unattached as we have become. Hell, every other blog/youtube post about Shanquella had ppl running off at the mouth talkin about ‘be careful who you call friends’ and ‘that’s why I don’t mess w ppl like that’. A bunch of hurt, guarded ppl running around unaware that more ppl than not can relate.

    I too am tired of the ‘check on your strong friends’ posts that you can’t escape for the 48 hrs after a celeb suicide. SM has really mismanaged what mental/emotional health awareness is/should look like in real time.

    Again, RIP to that talented young man.

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