guys! that is not lil fizz bootyhole on his onlyfans! he got set up!

i’m all for “say nothing” tactic.
you wanna get a novel in your dms or texts?
hit someone with “ok”
when they violate.
if i hit you with just “k”

so why even explain yourself when you are in a scandal?

1. You say something and you look guilty.
2. You say too much and you look guilty.
3. You say not enough/nothing at all and you look guilty.

it’s best to keep them talking because tomorrow or even next week,
someone else nonsense will snatch their attention away.
lil fizz,
and his alleged leaked bootyhole on his onlyfans,
is the talk of socials.
( x i been posted it here )
he decided to respond to all the allegations and well…


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some vixen drugged him,
pulled down his pants while he was sleeping,

snapped a pic of his hole,
and then uploaded it to his onlyfans for content?

that sounds...

lowkey: do people even have pr anymore?
i feel like a good pr person would have taken the attention away.
he could have used the kim kardashain response in her scandals.
she uses that moment to sell you shit.


6 thoughts on “guys! that is not lil fizz bootyhole on his onlyfans! he got set up!

  1. He need to talk to Jhene Aiko who he looked at as his sister at one point. She was signed under Chris Stokes too. She was in all their videos.

  2. Lil Fizz was sexier before LAHH and seeing his nudes.

    I want no parts.

    He’s not even big, dumb and hung. Ugh. Stop talking.

    I only wanted to see J Boog’s homophobic self nekkit anyways.

  3. I honestly believe that he’s telling the truth. In the pic of the hole, the skin looks darker and the hair looks like a different texture. In the video of his hole, it didn’t look puckered.

    1. A booty hole is a booty hole. Not all booty holes are puckered. Some are deflowered. Some are smooth. Some are hairy. He made the mistake of posting HIS dick on the internet and his dick is very recognizable. Its small, curved and pencil like with that same head so no, he lying. That is his hole. Its the same hole in the video of him squeezing it in and out. The lighting in the room changes the skin tone and the angle of the lighting in the room. It was a under shot and an overshot. Two different angles of the same person. Different lighting because of different angles. Apryl went from big to small. Guess she didn’t like uncut meat. That is definitely fizz. He just mad because the prints he made famous, turned out to be just a print. The dick small and he posting his ass on onlyfans. Raz B dick bigger than his. The only dick that hasn’t been shown yet is J Booger. If he really fucked Omarion and O’ryan’s mama then maybe he is packing like the Grandberry boys. The best thing he could’ve did was say, it was by request for a female fan. I will go thru lengths for my Onlyfans supporters. Instead he lied about it.

    2. It’s two different times, of course the hair is different. When you shave your ass hair, it does grow back and looks thicker than what you took a picture of it when it was shave down.

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