Your Personality Is Keeping You Single

take a selfie
look good
don’t speak
don’t smile
look like your dog died
take a video
remove layers of clothing
smize into the camera
wait for likes
everyone likes you
happy camper

that is a regular day for someone on social media.
if you are an attentionisto,
it’s almost better to just be a mute with a bawdy.
what i’ve noticed tho…
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He’s With Some Ungrateful Hoe Right Now (He’s Cummin’ Soon)

tumblr_n1il62EkGr1rsxv9zo1_500ever so often,
i like to give good advice.
 i don’t follow my own advice sometimes,
but who does?
i was speaking to a vixen i met recently on the phone earlier.
she was feeling down about trying to attract a wolf.
as most of us,
she is asking:

that is kinda depressing.
anyway this is what i told her in a nutshell…
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Safaree Should Join Christian Mingle (Godly Panties)

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.53.31 PM

^that was one of the last tweets from safaree.
he was nicki’s ex bae/hype wolf.
sidebar: can i ask the foxhole a question?

meek mill?
i can understand a russian billionaire,
but meek mill?
i just can’t compute…

so safaree has been trying to find a vixen to hold him down.
he seems to be attracting a lot of bottom dwellers.
water meeting its own level?
well he put this thirst trap up on snapchat and well…
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Rihanna Finally Let The Balloon Fly

CZknUtIUcAMJb80how fuckin’ fly does she look in this picture?
you know the headphones sold out?
they were d&g and went for 8 stacks.
well it has finally happened!
after a long wait,
rihanna is about to release her album “anti”.
the navy rejoices!
i had a feeling it was coming tho.
my foxy senses kept buzzing.
well the first single is called “work”,
it features drake,
and well…

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