So I Watched The Season Finale of “Insecure” and Well…

cr2acdnvuaemgdg-640x800so i started watching “insecure” on hbo.
i binged watched it on thanksgiving and was HOOKED!
i say.
last night was the season finale that had everyone talking.
some got into their feelings type heavy.
others gave virtual hi5s.
everyone is so passionate about these people.
this will be spoiler heavy so you been warned
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The Walking “Waste of Our F’n Time”

tumblr_o54sm5k3zE1ubvjgjo1_1280i feel like negan should go upside the heads of “the walking dead” writers with that damn bat.
we were all waiting.
i been having anxiety about it all week.
i saw how gruesome the death scene looked in the comics.
the cast members were all talking about it.
they all said:

“it was the hardest episode to film because a main gets killed.”

all the fans were scared,
but we were ready.
last night gon’ come (with spoilers)…
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That Season Finale To Empire Was…

Empire-Preview-Season-Finale-VIDEOgay relations during a gospel break
rebellious sons bangin’ their step mama
terminal diseases being mistreated
church vixens sellin’ their souls for a check
snow bunnies with a killer swing
lucious real name is actually “dwight”
= epicness.
the season finale for “empire” was worth my two hours.
i’m sure its gonna be the talk of every office email and classroom tomorrow.
i am ready for season 2,
but i guess we have to wait for next year-ish?
either way:


x watch it here

Tyler Perry is Out of Control

2c7JlqXwhen i watch a season finale,
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex.
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex with a wolf i’m extremely attracted too.
you know the feelings.
blood racing.
hands sweating.
thinking about the big throw down.
“oooh i can’t wait for tonight!”
well tonight felt like i was dating that wolf,
we finally got in the bed,
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