Beyonce Twins Made People Forget About Their Own

^this is the picture that kept on giving yesterday.
beyonce announced her pregnancy with twins on ig,
and of course,
everyone is related to her.

“i can’t wait to be an uncle!”
“godmommy duties in order!”
“i can’t wait to organize the baby shower!”

i will say i’m a little confused at the theme of the photo shoot.
well she had a ton of UN-released shots via beylite…
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Beyonce Has A Surprise That Will Drop Soon

one thing i’ve learned from beyonce is the art of timing.
i have also learned mystery from her as well.
she knows when to drop albums and news.
she also keeps her celebrity like the old school stars.
she gives us enough,
but keeps something to herself.
well she dropped a bomb on instagram for us…
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Travis Tritt Learned The Hive Does Beyonce’s PR

tumblr_og2dewfamr1sveb0mo1_1280b looks like a pure snow bunny in that pic.
well beyonce came,
and she got the hyenas mighty upset.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but she performed at the country music awards last week.
well she had all the rednecks upset.
you probably can assume why.
one redneck and country music vet,
travis tritt,
allegedly had this to say on twitter…
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I’d Like A Black Beyonce Barbie Please!

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-7-48-11-pmi saw this today and i fell in love.
how amazing does beyonce look as “black barbie” for halloween?
jay looking like bill cosby…
xqk5m…but i like his tux.
here are two more shots…
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Laverne Cox Wears Celebrity Diva Drag

janet3janetjackson73665361024768-640x480janet jackson’s “janet” cover is what you call:


*joanne the scammer voice*

i couldn’t resist.
well laverne cox tried to re-create for cosmopolitan and well…
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