Tweets With Replies About Chris Brown (With Chris Brown)

i guess the tptb aren’t there to rescue chris brown anymore.
they would have had folks bound and gagged for this spill.
everyone is talking about chris and his abusive ways to karrueche tran.
an artist by the name of kay cola allegedly had some things to get off her fingers.
this is what she said via twitter
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The Porn Star Jackal Beats It Up (Again)

what a transformation.
well ^that is porn star jackal,
tyce jax.
we talked about him before.
( x check the archives )
well he is back in the spotlight again for abusing his boyfriend.
the same boyfriend from last.
project q has more…
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So Porsha Willams Is Part Of “The Battered Ex-Wife Club”?

Porshaporsha stewart williams of #rhoa fame is making her rounds.
she got an album to sell and hair to promote!
she is trying to extend her 15 minutes and of course she is doing it the right way.
“playing the victim”.
yes a time tested way for america to fall in love with you after some drama.
ask rihanna.
she had an interview was access hollywood last friday to start the process.
and everything in between…
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Adrian Peterson Is About To Go Knee Deep In Some Jackal Ass

tumblr_mfk78s7bAB1qcp1zao1_500you see this big slab of wolf meat?
well its baller wolf and foxhole vet,
adrian peterson,
and he might to assault a jackal today.
his ex vixen’s boyfriend beat up his 2 year old son and put him on life support…

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