F-Bi: The Wolf That Is Porsha’s Wolf Friend on RHOA

so as you know,
i’ve banished reality tv
blah blah blah.
you already know.
it’s not like i could avoid it between those i know who do and online talk.
i’m feeling i may start watching “rhoa” again tho.
a 10th season refresh?
we shall see.
well there is a clip making it’s rounds from “the real housewives of atlanta”.
i guess this weeks episode and it has to do with kandi’s sex dungeon.
i leave the show alone and kandi gets a sex dungeon?
i had a question for the foxhole about the clip…
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F-BI: The Meat Named “Manuel”

13 Manuel Miami 2…or i’d like him to get into me.
so f-bi,
a foxholer and myself are looking for a lead on this meat.
his name is manuel and he allegedly strips in new yawk.
club: adonis lounge.
the same place thumper and bambi made a good peso.
that’s all i know so far.
anyone have an ig and potential dick dossier on file?
who wants to take on this mission?
here is another picture for the hunt…
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F-BI: Where Is “Big Bunz Brandon” Now?

Brandon-Parker-04whatever ever happened to “big bunz brandon”?
brandon parker is the name he was born with.
he use to model for tarrice love with ice-itsocool.
i remember he was a declared straight wolf,
alleged pre baller wolf turned urban model,
but he was known for his good looks and natural asset.
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