APB: The Model Wolf in The House of Chapple Show

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.29.29 PMso there is a big fashion show happening in atlanta tomorrow.
its for “house of chapele” by reco chapple.
bae in my head,
kellon deryck,
will be in it.
new atlien,
steven beck,
as well.
he will also be bringing his calendars to sign.
anyway one of my readers wanted to know who another model was.
they were looking for their twitter/instagram with n luck.
of course they came right into my foxhole…
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F-BI: Who Dis Wolf Bee on K Michelle Show?

image-48so i have to apologize to k michelle.
i totally haven’t even started watching her reality show on v-h1.
i know.
i can expect a nice curse out soon.
well one thing k michelle knows is a cute wolf.
one of my foxholers named kush alerted me because he knows 1 too.
he wanted an “apb” on the the wolf that made his debut last week...
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When The Foxhole Goes Deep In The Locker Room (1)

photoso you know the f-bi is everywhere.
the foxhole runs pretty deep.
well one of the f-bi works behind the scenes in the nba.
i got a foxmail of what he saw in the locker room after the sixers vs bulls.
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APB: The Wolf At The ESPYS After Party

apbwhodisthis wolf is handsome.
he has big hands too.
well an f-bi attended the espys party as him last week.
does anyone know who he is?

at first i thought it was metta world peace,
but not so much.
if anyone knows,
is he a free agent baller wolf?
or is he currently playing?
or is he just a good looking nobody who was in attendance?
since the foxhole knows all,
i thought i’d ask since he doesn’t look familiar to me.

lowkey: i have some espy party pictures i will post tomorrow.

Those Who Protest Too Much (Get Caught Up By The F-Bi?)

there once was a stripper who was very dashing.
boy did he bring the heat!
he had an attractive face,
his body
would make you cry,
and butt cheeks so round they could hypnotize.
well he didn’t want any men to look at him at all.
if you did,
he would personally contact you and curse you the fuck out.
well one day,
a day on memorial day weekend of 2014,
that same stripper was found to actually not really be as homophobic as he appeared to be.
well he wasn’t to dance at a gay club in ny called “krave” back in 2009.
watch this alleged video an f-bi delivered and see if this is the alleged stripper in this story…

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Baller Wolf Marcus Jordan Had A Small Penis Leak Last Night

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 2.53.45 PM

marcus jordan,
son of michael jordan,
had a booboo last night.
he tweeted his penis picture by mistake,
but cleverly erased it before anyone else saw it.
he must not know my f-bi doesn’t miss a thing…

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“Ratchet Jamari” Would Let Them Both Hit It From The Back

tumblr_m61gciuMx21qesepao1_r1_500i was catching up on love and hiphop atl today.
finishing up on the shows ive missed.
btw: kirk is an asshole.
either way,
rasheeda was filiming scenes from that terrible video/song,
“hit it from the back”.

deb was right: bad move sheeda.
this isn’t really about rasheeda tho.
this is about them two ratchet hood wolf models in the video…

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His Butt Cheeks Look Better On The Right Side Than Left

tumblr_mnvn4i3fcy1rrdksmo1_500so i keep getting emails about this guy.
yes i wanted to know who he was myself.
well i stumbled across him on accident.
he is cute and fun sized.
i don’t think he is a wolf…

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