eric dodds, one half of #eandjgang, is (allegedly) getting out of prison

Maybe the jails are full?

isn’t there some kind of prison reform going on?
i’m not keeping up tbh.

either way,
a Foxholer sent me a drop that eric dodds is allegedly otw home.

he is one half of #eandjgang.
someone who seems to have bts knowledge on twitter posted this…

so here is the thing,
if they were falsely accused of murder they have every right to be released.
we can’t have young black males sitting up in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.
that being fonted,
when i go to google and do a little sniffing around
on google:

“Dodds and Collier’s popular Tik Tok accounts came into play in this investigation. The GBI says, while investigating the case, they wrote over 70 search warrants, searched endless social media accounts and collected phone data to track the defendants from Huntsville to Chattanooga to where the murder occurred.


and back in 2022 as details were emerging:

Nicholson testified that a woman involved in the shooting named “Ms. Collins” has since revealed new details about what happened that August afternoon. The agent says the motive behind the incident was to retrieve a blue Dodge Challenger registered under Collier’s name from Bradshaw’s property. Collins’ job specifically was to be the one who drove off with the Challenger. To get to Bradshaw’s, he says Collins rode along in a red truck with Collier, Dodds and others to get the car, and everyone was armed. Collins told Nicholson that Dodds was highly emotional, “crying in rage” and carrying a rifle sporting an Army-green camo design. The agent says Dodds reassured “Ms. Collins” that he would protect her as she took the Challenger. Nicholson says Collins told him she heard four-to-five gunshots as she raced from the red truck to the blue Dodge.


so as i’m reading,
miss collins snitched on them clearly.
it was the other one’s car being yoinked from where the murder took place.
so did one snitch on the other for early release?
i’m confused here.

if eric is released early from prison then good for him.
he can be used as a black person getting justice after being wrongfully convicted.
to be perfectly honest,
they were just fuckin’ each other for the forests to see so they weren’t interesting to me,
but hey!
others found them interesting and that’s all that matters.
i hope everyone gets what they’re looking for from this bizarre situation.

if you want to take on this case for more answers then go right ahead.
i’ll update with what you find out.

see tweets: here

7 thoughts on “eric dodds, one half of #eandjgang, is (allegedly) getting out of prison

  1. I just feel like this story is so sad, unfortunately a lot of young people don’t realize that their dangerous actions have very real and lasting consequences. Forever is a mighty long time and I don’t know how it works but you can’t even decided where you’re going to be buried at when you die, that’s a hard lesson.

  2. Why not just read the court documents? It would give you the information worth reporting, instead of speculating.

  3. He ain’t coming home. Many prisoners have that same sentiment when they’re locked up initially. I guess it tames time to process that kind of reality that you’re never coming home.

  4. I will believe it when I see it. Tory Lanez use to say the same thing every other day and look what happened!

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