i’m being stretched other than my whole

this past week,
i felt like i was being stretched thin.

Have you just ever felt like you are being pulled in so many directions that you feel like breaking?

it got to the point where i could feel myself wanting to scream.
i’ve had some issues going on irl that have been draining me,
shadow work has been really taking me down the path of no return,
and then the Foxhole issues have piled on top of that.
i thought i finally reached my happiness but the devil said nope.
what really is getting me tho

Some of the rude people I’ve been encountering because of the Foxhole issues.

i’m matched with rudeness but i still send emails to see how i can help.
i’m trying to figure out why they’re having issues and others aren’t.
no response to the emails.
so i gotta use brain power to:

Create the content
Edit the content
Fix the Foxhole
Deal with the rude

Handle my IRL shit
Do the work in therapy
Figure out another way to get over this mountain of hardship

it’s like people don’t give you credit for holding it all together.
they bitch and moan cause they’re not getting their way.

I’m not getting my way atm either but I’m not being nasty to others about it.

i bet some of these folks won’t be nasty to these attentionistos actually scamming them.

…so yeah,
i’m feeling burnt out and equally annoyed.

Thank you to those who have been working with me as we resolve the issues.
Your kindness and patience means the world to me.

lowkey: it felt good releasing that.
i legit exhaled.
i was bottling it up and venting to other Foxholers about my issues.
i’m thankful to them for their ears and shoulders.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and you do hold it down on here in a way that’s impressive. Thank you.

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