You’re Invited To Solve A Problem

Hebrews 11:1 –  Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the sign that the things not seen are true…

I feel I have been doing the above for years.
Maybe even all my life and I’ll confess, I never really read the bible like that.
But I will admit that I have sat and envisioned a lot of the things I have wanted or wanted help with.

Some I got; others I didn’t.
(but found out WHY I wasn’t suppose to have it later on)…

I was sitting down talking to Star Fox when I came up with an analogy about problems and faith.
Shocked myself how I did it, to be honest.

Want to hear it?

Imagine all the solutions to your problems are a exclusive VIP event.
I mean, you got dressed and put on your best for this.
You got your shoes shining, clothes crisp, and your victory in your back pocket.
You waited a long time for this and you came to show ya ass.

You get to the door and you are not on the list.
That is your PROBLEM.
You get embarrassed and start to stress.
You start to over analyze what you may have done wrong.
You start fighting and getting frustrated because you know that there is some kind of issue and your name is ON that list.

You got people looking at you in the line,
wondering what you are going to do next.
What is your next move?

Would you GIVE UP and just go home?
Knowing this is something important to you?
Would you go sit down at the curb and sulk?
Looking down in the gutter like that is where you belong?


Would you try and find a way inside that muthafucka by any means necessary?
The front door isn’t the only door inside.
This is when you start plotting…

Should I go in with the waiters?
Should I find the back entrance?
Should you mingle with someone who may get you inside?
Should I walk in with a crowd of people I do not know?
Should I become Batman and scale the walls?

That is the thing about problems.
They can be solved.
You may not see it that instant, but you will as soon as you focus.
There are many ways around them but we choose to see one side when down and out.

How does faith play a role in this you ask?

If you have faith things will work out, things WILL work out.
Simple as that.
Leave it all to God and know things will be okay.

When you have faith, it helps your determination.
Your determination will keep you looking for answers.
Your problems will then be no more.

Got it?

Hope it touched you in some way.
Share it and let the Fox light shine!

Sending you a-lot of that LOVE mushy stuff.


5 thoughts on “You’re Invited To Solve A Problem

  1. for me, i have to constantly pray on the concept that just cause i want something (or someone!) does not mean i will always get it. i place my faith with god that god will provide all that i need. so if i try the front door and the back door and the windows and still can’t get it — it may just be that god did not intend for me to enter that particular place. trust and never doubt, god has never failed me yet. blessings to you, senor fox.

  2. ‎”If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?”

    Faith can move mountains. It’s just that we have to realize that everything we always looked for from others, or everything we needed, was always there within us from birth. Rejection hurts, however, it’s always a lesson to be learnt in it. Go back and re-work your game plan, add or subtract, until its the perfect fit for YOUR life. After all, only we, control our own destiny. and God never leaves our side.

  3. thats a good way at faith. personal i woulda put it to the game and said theres gona be another party but i get the point

  4. That’s a nice way to look at things. The difference between those to get versus those who don’t is drive and the ability to bounce back. Also it has to do with making sure you’re boundaries and values are in-line with your goals as well. Luck has some part in it but it isn’t the deciding factor.

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