You Trying To Catch The D/L Like Pokemon


so i’ve been thinking about this whole “markeith rivers” on-going scandal.
he is the jackal that is on this johnny quest mission of outing d/l wolves.
i don’t think it’s a mental issue because he fucks them and then outs them.
that reads moreso malicious and “i know what i’m doing”.
we don’t need to baby him.
it’s the same mentality a ton of gays have out here.
they don’t like the d/l so they have to destroy them.
my thing is…


honestly speaking…

It’s not their problem

why is this such an issue for them?
of all the things going on in the world,
like all this black injustice,
the main focus is outing someone?

if someone chooses to live their life on the dl,
then then have every right to do so.
unless they are married to a vixen that i know,
or harming others with their tainted bawdy parts,
then i don’t see an issue.
sometimes d/l means “i’m not ready to come out the closet”.
i can’t judge someone for being insecure with their sexuality.
i been there.
at one point or another,
was there as well.
if not,
then congrats.


There are some who like flexin’ with d/l

maybe it’s the thrill.
maybe it’s their fetish.
hell it could be just what they enjoy dealing with.
there are those who enjoy it.
the same way feet,
bawdy hair,
or dressing up as a baby and being spanked with a shitty diaper.


Not your problem

if you choose to expose the world of the d/l,
then also put on your cape and right the other wrongs of the world.
if you gonna be trying to solve issues,
for the sake of others,
then also start condemning and fixing everything else.
we got issues out here.
go after those who:

littered on a perfectly clean street
didn’t pick up their dog’s shit after going for a walk
blasting music in a residential apartment building at 3am

whatever the “wrong” is then it should be fixed.
it would only be the right thing to do.

look your job in this world is to:

be black
be gay/bi/whatever sexuality

other people’s way of life is really not your concern unless it effects:

someone you know

life has a way of teaching all of us about our life choices.
so i guess what i’m saying is to those who like to out:

Stop being so fuckin’ nosy and mind your gatdamn business

…and for god sakes,
don’t fuck em before you out em.
that’s just tacky.


at least give em blue balls or a boot print on their ass.

lowkey: they outing d/l,
but ignoring these undercover racist jackals as well.
am I wrong for thinking this?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “You Trying To Catch The D/L Like Pokemon

  1. I believe this is all about being in power. The reality is, down-low men do not want to be exposed because it can have a big impact on their lives, so when a relationship or even an encounter between the two goes left, the response is always the same because it is the most powerful option to use.

    The day is coming for Markeith, and it may be when he least suspect it, but it is coming.

  2. I’m all for putting loud people on blast though! This whole blasting music or screaming into your earpiece or with your friends on a bus or public space just needs to stop! LOL, seriously though… no one wants to hear that “taste” in that trap garbage (i refuse to call that music). I think I’m starting to get old, idk.

    On the topic at hand: outing people is for people who have way too much time and need to work on their serious lack of character. No one is doing anyone any favours with these “outings”. Just go sit down and get a job or a hobby and work on bettering yourself. I’m starting to think there aren’t many real “adults” in the world anymore, just a bunch of overgrown children.

  3. I think you touch on a really good point, alot of these type of guys like out these DL men simply because they are DL .

    I think it stems from a place of these types of guys thinking ” Well I’m out and I can’t hide or be on the DL even if I tried so I’m going to go after these men on the DL and expose them for the sake of shaking what people’s perception of the type of dude who messes with dudes is.”

    I also think it steams from some kind a self-esteem issue or something that happened to them to make them get to the point of outing people for pleasure.

    What I can’t understand is how ANY guy DL, Discrete, or Out would do anything with Markeith Rivers. This guy screams messy from a mile away before he even opens his mouth.

  4. His day will come I hate stuff like that really and this markeith this it’s cute and funny but sad to say this but somebodys gonna get him soon

  5. I agree, if people want to live, have to live on the DL, and they pose no problems to the rest of the community, then let them suffer. I hate people who appoint themselves as a judge and executioner. Besides in many cases you ruin not only their lives, but the lives of all the people around them. And to what purpose? There is a thing I believe in called ‘Karma’. You reap what you sow!

  6. I’m out and have been officially for four years. My family and close friends know but most people when i first meet them won’t pick up on it unless i say something. Most guys i converse with or have dealt with in my past tend to be older or a typical philly guy so most of them aren’t out per say. I just can’t see myself playing GOD trying to orchestrate something to be malicious and pressuring them to come out. Markieth has low self-esteem is a fuckboy. No man or women confident in their own self and who’s productive has the time to ‘out’ someone. Many of these messy gay men who are ‘outing’ people are social media famous, have zero coins, mattress is on the floor, and they living at home with Aunt Cece and them with no plans or motivation to make moves. D/L doesn’t necessarily mean on the low. D/l for me pertains to men who are on the low sleeping with both genders and who give zero fucks. D/l men are sometimes messy because they play on both sides without letting their partners know. Discreet gay men are different and cant be lumped together with D/l men. Being discreet for me pertains to most gay black men in this country. Discreet as in they know who they are but living under the societal and cultural pressures they choose to keep that part of their identity under wraps. Even as an out black gay male I’m still for the most part discreet when engaging others in public, not for acceptance but simply because i don’t just want to be the gay guy. I want to be respected for my gifts, talents, my intelligence and my personality. Me being gay is just a plus but not the whole damn entree you feel me lol. My sexuality is a small part of my life story. In 2016 i can honestly see why many are still discreet and on the ;d/L I just dont understand why some men get married though knowing that they’re attracted to other men and even sleep with other men while being married, however who am I to judge?. Homophobia and ignorance are life partners still until this day, in certain states you can be terminated simply because of your sexuality, some people are still close-minded and etc. Ultimately i say each man will have to deal with his sexuality and fully embrace himself in order to grow. I’m STILL learning and striving to grow and just be who I am, but that journey comes with time. Some people aren’t in a place to come out yet. Different circumstances= Different actions. Everyone just be safe, know that you’re loved and understand that ultimately YOU control your destiny regardless of sexuality, skin color, age, etc..

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