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should tariq forgive kal?

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  1. I dont think he should forgive him. He beat the shit out of that boy. I think things could have been handled better…given Kal’s situation. I could not even be around dude after that without trying to kill him…cant tolerate nobody putting their hands on me. I also believe that some time in the future they will be back together(if Kal is alive). I say that only because of the importance of their characters. It shows a very real perspective of a down-low relationship.

  2. Exactly what Rain said! Down-Low relationships like this are so unhealthy physically, emotionally, and mentally! I don’t see how so my guys do it and allow it to happen! Love aint that damn good if it can hurt or kill like that!.

  3. I don’t think he should forgive him but for the sake of the show I hope he does. Besides its very common for victims in abusive relationships to go back to their abuser i.e Rihanna

  4. I’m probably not supposed to be snickering at this, but I am. I’ve only seen the beginning of the show and it didn’t interest me.

    Miss Sophia didn’t take no shit from Harpo, so I can’t imagine why these dudes would.

    My opinion is probably going to piss people off, buttt I don’t really care.

    If you’re a dude getting beat up by another dude you have to acknowledge your role in it. You are obviously not commanding respect because you’re busy trying to be submissive and pleasing.

    I can guarantee if any of you all ever met me in person and saw how I give direct eye contact, a handshake that will leave your hand throbbing, and my overall directness the LAST thing you’ll ever think of doing is putting your hands on me.

    If you poke me aggressively I will put you in a hospital period.

    1. Most a users look for someone they can control, but it’s not something that’s intentionally done by the victim. Particularly not at the beginning of the relationship. At the beginning, it’s really just how they are naturally. As time goes on, it becomes more psychological. The need to please the abuser and seek approval will overpower your better judgment and the abuser, in needing to keep control, will attempt to do so through various methods, including isolating you from your friends and your family

      There’s a dominant/submissive dynamic in all relationships, even those that are heterosexual. So for a guy who finds himself in a relationship with someone who’s dominant, the red signs of an abuser would seem normal.

      So it’s not really the fault of the victim at all.

      I was in an abusive relationship. So, I know a thing or two.

    2. You needed to watch the first season because there is some backstory. I agree with your opinion but this was just a little different. I think that Tariq should forgive Kal but they should not get back together. Kal has some serious issues (which are supposed to come out later in the season). I hope that Tariq does not leave the show even for a little while because that was the best part of LA Complex and I usually don’t like “gay” characters on tv shows because they are stereotypical.

  5. I feel the roles they play are real to life I loved everything that’s happened between them, its a powerful statement to the masses about how society compels people to have to hide their love lives for sake of being shunned ,so I can totally understand this incident in the show, its about love and the fear of love. …… a lot of people may say Love doesn’t hurt but it does. especially in this lifestyle…

  6. There’s a part of me that resonates with this relationship – probably because you don’t see it often on TV…especially with Black dudes that aren’t fem – and on a major network (at least in Canada lol).

    However, I’m not a fan of the direction this story is taking. Honestly, it’s the most interesting relationship on the show, and I can’t really see them writing these guys out of the series (one moved, the other possibly dead). I think you can forgive someone, and still not want to have anything to do with them…especially if it’s an unhealthy relationship. Kal is DL, Tariq is discreet. Kal is the type of dude I see mentioned here – yet you can see this thing isn’t going anywhere productive. And then he beats Tariq up to cover for his sexuality? And Tariq is supposed to what now? Forgive him & accept it? Hear about Kal in the hospital & come see him cuz he still cares & they declare their love? Or do we not hear from them again and focus back on the pretty White people?

    While I definitely enjoyed the chemistry between these two actors, I think Tariq allowing Kal back sends a bad message, and basically says it’s okay for Kal to have beat his azz. I am interested to see how they resolve this – if so.

    1. I agree 100%. I’m not sure if i even want to watch anymore. For them too pull that kind of stunt in the first season, and then try to wrap it up in a pretty little bow will be devastating to the black gay psyche across America. This would have never happened with a white couple who are both main characters (gay or straight), because you can’t have that kind of horrific domestic abuse and then have the two characters get back together again…unless there black of course.smh

  7. As far as the relationship comes, I feel there needs to be a reconciliation because it’s a love story and despite the ordeal, people are secretly rooting for them to get back together (probably because it’s the most compelling storyline of the show, which is a probably in itself).

    That said, I agree with Wolf. It’s a dangerous storyline and a part of me wishes they would have developed the characters better and let the storyline evolve a bit more before they wrote that into the script.

    However, I see them evolving the character Kal to the point that he becomes someone the audience is rooting for. They’re going to give him a complete character makeover and probably spend this season and the next trying to win Tariq back.

  8. I watched this last night, Cal fucked Tariq up. The only way Cal can fix this is if he comes out because then he doesn’t have to hide anymore and he won’t have to act like this towards Tariq. If I were Tariq I wouldn’t take that bastard back tho. I don’t care what the situation is, it’s not cool to abuse your partner, period. Cause if a nigga ever puts his hands on me I’m going to be judged by a jury of my peers and I’m going to the big house.

    Many might not like what I’m about to say but too bad, this has to be said.

    It’s dudes in this lifestyle are mad that they are gay, but that’s no damn excuse to beat up your lover and act out towards other people. Now I don’t know what it’s like to struggle with my sexuality because I’ve accepted myself since day one, but nobody can tell me it’s that damn hard that you can’t control yourself. It’s hard because you keep trying to fight it. If someone thinks otherwise they will get a sad awakening. People are out here homeless with no job, and single mothers have 3 and 4 kids to feed while living on little income and niggas complaining about being gay, get out with that. They need to be blessed because their lives could have been much worse. You’re gay, accept it, shut up and stop being a victim. I’ve played the victim in the past due to my rough life and blamed god sometimes, but now I’m a grown man and I realize that I just have to chalk the shit up and get over it. I can’t change what has already happened. Everybody goes through shit at some point. Yes I know it’s some guys out there who have been molested and raped and that may be the reason they are gay, but you eventually have build that bridge and get over it, and you can’t blame others for your personal issues that shit aint fair.

    1. 100% agreed. Except for going to jail over a nigga hitting me, thats just adding fuel to the fire and making me suffer more. I would just fight him off of me and then leave the situation. I’ve seen to many people come out of jail, and end up in a psych-ward. For real.

  9. Kal/Cal will NEVER come out. He’s not going to forsake his career for “love”. He’s going to continue to “love” Tariq from afar, and Tariq is going to meet someone who really loves him and is proud of him and proud to be with him. His new lover is going to be secure, handsome, intelligent, and nurturing. Tariq is going to stay in LA and continue to work with the big black guy (who supports him and values his talent). He’s going to have several run-ins with Kal/Cal and Kal/Cal is going to show how jealous he is of Tariq’s new beau. Kal/Cal is then going to lie and tell Tariq that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win him back and there’s going be a neverending tug of war between them to get them back together.


    Can we get our own show that’s full of characters like Kal/Cal and Tariq????? IJS

  10. Fuck no…Kal was trying to protect his little ‘image’ and he still got caught and Tariq has to live with the pain for the rest of his life. Going back would be an invitation for another asswhoopin in the future.

  11. the last episode I saw was the dude was pounding away at the lil guy. When have they started airing new episodes?

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