WOLF MEAT: (402)

tumblr_mxmjtfjSbq1soxpwno1_500nice, huh?
yeah i know.
well this happens to be a straight wolf,
by the name of jason axe,
but he gives great wolf meat.
check the front…
tumblr_mx5j463on71soxpwno1_400my weakness?
a wolf bouncing his pecs.
i love that shit with a passion.

jason’s social: instagram | tumblr

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT: (402)”

    1. The Man, you seldom find an ass that you wouldn’t beat, eat, meet, meat, greet or skeet so find a paper bag for him to wear. LOL. Seriously, I seldom find ANYONE to be totally unattractive so I find him to be attractive. In fact, the more I like someone, the more attractive he is. If he and I have a few scintilating conversations and he’ll be a “20”. And–I’ve said it before–the most important thing about the dick or ass or pussy is the man or woman attached to it.

  1. I love pec bouncing too.

    He got a nice little tight booty.

    I bet he’s a personal trainer or on his way to become one.

  2. He looks like Wyclef, tho. I would entertain him. I can’t seem to have nothing to myself, so his looks wouldn’t make me more secure, LOLOLOL

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