Where The Hell Is Empire Going?

is it me…

…or has empire completely jumped the shark?
wtf was that episode about tonight?
it’s like the show is over the place.
has the empire reign pretty much let up?
tumblr_inline_ns8jpiKAPi1r79k32_500let me pray for it to all make sense soon.
i’m lowkey scared.

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27 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is Empire Going?”

    1. I agree. The first 2 episodes were wack, but the last few have been a great improvement. Still not as good as season one, but pretty good.

  1. I gotta say, I stopped watching two episodes ago. This show is all over the place. If it keeps up it’ll be over and done with.

      1. Well they have two more episodes and then they take a break .The second half of the season starts March 30.Maybe they can regroup
        .In related news I googled Jussie Smollett news and the first story that popped has Jussie dating Milan Christopher.LOL.Some BS started by The Shade Room when Milan claimed he is dating a well known guy, a couple weeks after breaking up with Miles.

  2. I think its trying too hard to capitalise on it previous success! The factor that the second season was filmed whilst the first season was still airing and receiving success.. I’m in UK.. I lost interest also..

  3. They tried to do too much too soon and it shows. The show is a shell of it’s former self. It’s a hot steaming pile of a mess. Oh well…if it doesn’t improve we can at least say that it did get Hollywood’s attention and confirmed that black shows can do well.

  4. I am almost done with this series. Lee needs to call Shonda Rhimes and ask for some help. Some of the content of the storyline this season is unbelievable . He is using cameos and guest appearance to try and salvage the mediocre story line. Lee if you are reading this response please call Shonda.

  5. I thought I was the only one. I don’t know what it was about this episode. Maybe it was because nothing significant happened. We’re used to Empire having so many twists & turns & cliffhangers for every character that nothing happening just left us whelmed.

  6. It’s not just you. The story has become so unbelievable and all over the place. It’s always been over the top but now it’s too over the top. I find myself rolling my eyes constantly and not even paying attention. I used to not miss an episode but I’ve been slacking up lately. I just don’t know what happened.

  7. The whole season has sucked and not made much sense, too much going on without character development & the fashion is boring.. Bout to start watching Olivia on SVU again..

    1. PHILLYBLK…I used to watch SVU in its early years then I stopped after like season four.
      I’ve seen some reruns of episodes from more recent seasons and man they are good!
      I’m gonna buy the season sets on DVD to catch up.

  8. I’m a black man that has not seen one episode of Empire. I’ll stand in my truth lol

    I like Taraji as a person but she’s not a…transformative actress. Seems like all of her roles have been very similar to the point I don’t think she’s acting. I just see Taraji Henson on the screen reading lines.

    I don’t think any of the actors on the show are particularly talented based on the roles I’ve seen them in in the past.

    I’m aware that’s an unpopular opinion though.

      1. I don’t care lol.

        It’s true. That’s why they better ride this train to the end of the line. Season 2 and they’re already losing steam? Shows used to go on for at least 5 seasons.

        I can’t see any of them getting any more success than this. Lol

  9. To be fair, the show is still bringing in huge ratings.

    From what I’ve heard, the first season was not expected to be as successful. After the success, the original writers wanted raises. Lee wasn’t having it and brought in additional writers.

    Also, the “Latino Leaders” wanted more representation. Hence we have all these new Latino characters that make no sense.

    Monique tried to tell us. Lee Daniels is a very arrogant person and has a big downfall coming. He pisses off too many people. Notice the Oscars did not nominate The Butler. Then Lee pissed off Fox when they asked him to extend season 2. He eventually did but the result is this all over the place this season.

    1. Exactly, the episodes have been “dry” but them ratings say otherwise like BYE!

      I’m tired of this Latino representation BS. I thought we were over that. I guess the foxhole was right: “we” can’t have anything. smh!

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