when The Universe sets you up

“I always imagined a theatrical debut for you.”

that was my Cousin Hybrid on sunday of last week.
who KNEW that was the play that was being set up?
so i’ll be honest with you foxhole…

It was sitting on my spirit to reveal myself for a while now.

it wasn’t under the right circumstances tho…

Two weeks ago 

i had these intense thoughts and dreams about revealing myself.
i was getting comfortable with the idea.
i’ve been so frustrated at work that i wanted to do it that weekend.
one of my home-vixens said don’t do it because i was annoyed.
i said i’d call my Cousin Hybrid over the weekend and talk to him about it.

Sunday (8/5)

we were on the phone for close to 3 hours.
he agreed with my home vixen as well.
revealing myself,
while angry or frustrated,
would bring bad energy.
he said hold off and wait until i was at my happiest.
after i got off the phone from him,
i took my crystals and had a spiritual bath.

i meditated and felt really energized and ready to conquer another week

Tuesday (8/13) 

i was stuck on the train again.
this time,
i had a seat and was tired af.
when we stopped at a station with service,
i had a dm on twitter that i had to approve.
the rest is history.

i felt like The Universe set this all up.
from it being on Star Fox’s birthday on friday,
to getting a new laptop that is much faster,
things were cooking at a low heat.

your blessings are coming.
i don’t know when,
but just hold on and be ready.
it took 10 years for me to even get a huge opportunity like this.
even though it took a minute,
it felt like much more of an accomplishment.
if it would happened earlier in my blogging career,
it probably wouldn’t have done it or meant as much as it did.

Cousin Hybrid said that even when we use to play with our toys as cubs,
i was subconsciously setting up for this moment.

things might be moving slow,
but i truly believe that when your breakthrough is coming…

It’s like all the chips fall into place

i want to thank you all for all the amazing messages and comments.
it was a pretty emotional day for me yesterday.
i’m still getting use to this new book,
but i’m really excited for what’s to come.

I hope you’ll join me once it does!

 i want to share what my Cousin Hybrid sent me as a voice note.
this is a little of what he said to me the day that i wrote the entry:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “when The Universe sets you up”

      1. Jamari I STILL cannot believe that you did what you did. I went on your Twitter profile and almost dropped my phone! We finally get to see you. I mean wow what a moment. Incredible. It’s time for a new era!!

        1. ^ thank you d.

          ya know,
          i was sitting in a meeting a few weeks ago and i felt so unhappy.
          i felt tired of being at another job making the day go by and making ends meet.
          i want more for my life and i was stopping me.
          once that opportunity presented itself,
          i took the first step after 10 years of laying the foundation

  1. You’re welcome and congrats again, J. Just keep being your authentic self, and being open to growth and new things. As your cousin stated, hard work pays off. This is something I always remind myself whenever I feel like slacking off or giving up.

  2. Your the best Jamari keep up with good work! I felt that in my spirit when you say when your time comes it comes and not s moment sooner!

  3. This will move your brand J. knowing who is behind the Macbook keyboard will let ppl recognize who you are. This I think is why, their hasn’t been much traction as far as expanding. Now ppl will recognize you. Do some Youtube and socialize with other Youtubers and I bet ppl will appreciate you more. Look at B Scott, and Issa Rae.I like that you step forward this week and I pray you will be bigger in the industry and be amongst the other prolific creators.

  4. JAMARI, no, I didn’t expect you to look like the type of dude Marvin Beneaime stalks. I expected precisely what you are. A regular-looking dude who undoubtedly occasionally fantasizes about looking like one of Marvin’s dudes. Hey, it’s all good. You’re in good company. Now that we know what you look like, though, try switching things up on your blog sometimes and give regular-looking dudes the exact same shine you give to “Marvin’s Boys.” I’m here to tell ya: you’re WORTH it! I mean, WE’RE worth it! 😘

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