Waka Flocka…. Flaming?

Yup homie.
You been exposed.


This has been a good Sunday…

Have I ever seen a porno with the dude bringing forth the accusations?
I may have to do some detective work.
Foxes: is he a TOP or a BOTTOM?

His fans are the FEM BOTS?
I’m assuming bottom…

I can’t wait to see how this one develops.



7 thoughts on “Waka Flocka…. Flaming?

  1. Memphitz is a top i believe. Pretty big piece too. However, I don’t know who these “people” are that he keeps refereeing to? Figured he was an Xtube star. And Wacka Floka is still fine, regardless. He isn’t the smartest thing in the world though. Is this real? Who knows? I hope it is lol

    1. Is he the one that ate his own cum one time?
      I remember seeing some dude looking like him, fuckin some big booty bottom from the back.
      If so, all I remember is his huge dick…. nothin else on his body was appealing in any way.

      I’ll find a porn of Memphitz and throw it up over at insidejamarifox.blogspot.com

  2. Yeah, yeah – that negus dumb as 2 piles of rocks…he look like he got some nice DSLs, though.

    I just wanna see the clips that your gif is from…lol

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