Fox TALK: He Tweets But Don’t Text

Isn’t he cute?
He is.

He is a yung Fox that I follow on Twitter.
Noah is an aspiring model and it shows in most of his pictures he posts.
He has good taste in music and men…..

He did something that annoyed me today.
Something I use to do and I see other Foxes doing.
I gotta school him for all of Foxdom.

Apparently, he is/was talking to someone.
He sent them a text yesterday and he got no response BUT the Wolf was tweeting up a storm.
Noah went into a tiny rant that I felt he should have kept quiet.

if you text someone and they are on Twitter tweeting and updating but has not replied to you yet…

… That Wolf is just not that into you.

Don’t do what the queens do.
Want to go exposing someone because they fell out of like.
Like because a Wolf that LOVES doesn’t do that all.

There is no way that I would text my Wolf and he hasnt replied.
It is a text so of course he got it.
But I get on Twitter and that mofo is having full blown conversations….
He is probably ignoring me and for that – DELETE HIM IMMEDIATELY.

Second hand treatment is for birds.
We are Foxes.
No need to address him on Twitter, Facebook, or a billboard in Times Square…

Let him go and move onto the next Wolf that will appreciate you for who you are…


You can follow Noah Doe @NoahTheModel

Tell him Jamari sent ya.


4 thoughts on “Fox TALK: He Tweets But Don’t Text

  1. Thank you! Don’t ever chase a boy. If he isn’t responding to you, move on and find someone who will. Side note: She’s a pretty girl though.

    1. If you read his time line, I can see where you got the “pretty girl” idea from.
      He seems very insecure….
      I was once in his shoes so I can spot it a mile away. @Vain

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