wait, have the real people stopped havin’ sex?

I couldn’t help but wonder,
are people underpaid and underfucked according to the news?

in one forest,
it feels like we’re inching closer to a dystopian nightmare a la the handmaid’s tale.
in my forest,
it seems like everyone around me is having their brains fucked out,
one way or another.
i saw this today…

i’ve been reading about countries like china and jamaica,
where birth rates are plummeting.
( x see here and here )
many people are realizing the freedom of being child-free.
my social media feeds have had a few baby announcements.

the other straights that i know are caught in a whirlwind of infidelity.
many are embarking on their “mindless fuckin’ tours” are haven’t told their partners.
i’ve been seeing a lot of relationships and marriages unravelin’ tbh.
their honeymoon phase is over and they’re stuck footing the bill of the wrong partner.

We are stuck paying the price watching this drama unfold in their public group chat.

on the Foxhole front,
many of my Foxholers are enjoying vibrant sex lives.
i’m hearin’ about gym 3-somes and gettin’ bench-pressed by “straight” trainers on IG.
i’m entertain new possibilities in getting more than my toes wet too.
i log onto elon’s twitter and all i see is…



what’s really going on out here?

is there a disconnect between the forest we read about and the one we’re actually in?
in a place where our timelines are curated yet chaotic,
filled with born again virgins and unapologetic hoes in equal measure,
it seems there is a disconnect somewhere within the matrix.
Are we lost in the trees of the news…

Or are our real lives in our real forests totally different?

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  1. It makes sense. That’s why ppl are so tense these days. No sex can fuck up a mood and more. Ppl are constantly preaching about sex being “low vibrational “ and all not realizing we are designed to have it and too enjoy it. But 💁🏾‍♂️ let them carry on miserable.

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