is ice spice’s fame starting to melt?

as a millennial,
i’ve seen countless one hit wonders fade into obscurity.

even if i had hope they’d be here for the long run,
they didn’t have that “je nais se quois” to become timeless.
if this were the late ’90s or early 2000s,
ice spice would have melted after “munch“.

even with the nicki co-sign and the barbie soundtrack feature,
she wasn’t built for longevity.
her bawdy is the main feature but her performances have been consistently underwhelming.
all her songs sound like other songs of hers in different variations tbh.
running behind taylor swift and cozying up to cardi didn’t exactly help her case either.

Why her team thought it was wise to desecrate a millennial classic is beyond me.

we responded with annoyance and it ( x didn’t even hit the billboard 100 ).
let’s not forget that other song about her farts:

“stop playing with them riot”.
no seriously,
stop playing with us riot.

whoever greenlit that did her dirty.
to be honest…

Many of today’s artists wouldn’t have made it past their debut singles.

we used to be adept at distinguishing the fleeting from the enduring,
but now…

We let artists and celebrities linger far beyond their prime.

this mirrors how we handle certain situations and relationships in our lives.
they were good for a moment but we kept them around too long.
when did we lose our ability to discern the difference?
were we blinded by potential or by who’s co-signing them?

and even when these individuals reveal their true,
often unpleasant selves,
we still find excuses to hold on and make a stan twtitter page.
andrew tate,
kevin samuels,

and adin ross all became rich off their satanic eras.
when our attention spans can only listen to a 30 second song,
but a one hit wonder/celebs can stay relevant past 30 days expiration,
i had to wonder…

What has changed from the ’90s and 2000s to now?

lowkey: i heard her fans were mostly barbz.