the following story below really made me sad.
it popped up in my email from my blog following list:


i read it in the barber shop yesterday and was completely blown away.
i had to post it for my foxes to read.
so read this now..

Remember Manuel, the cute hottie Morgan and I did in Puerto Rico?

He has kept us with us on Facebook and through cellphone texts. He really comes across as a sensitive soul — you can see him in Facebook photo posts posing with his chubby baby nieces and nephews, hugging his elderly mother tight and cuddling with his pet cats and dogs.

“I love black men,” he will write sometimes. “You two were really hot.”

“Well, if you ever come to Washington, D.C. come visit. You are welcome,” I say.

But a few weeks ago Manuel, who is 25, revealed some troubling facts about himself that don’t fit in well with the warm and fuzzy photos he posts on Facebook.

Three years ago he went to New York City to make a better life. His English is not too good — when us mainland Americans talk fast and use slang he has trouble following us  — but he wanted to make a go of it.

He is not alone — Puerto Ricans are one of the largest groups to immigrate to the mainland United States. There are now more than 4.6 million Americans of Puerto Rican descent living in the continental United States and in states such as Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Florida they account for more than five percent of the population.

So Manuel came to gritty, cold New York City, got a room in the house of a family friend, and landed a job at a fast food restaurant. Sure the pay was low but it was a start. Soon he would enroll in college, get a degree in criminal justice and perhaps become a detective or forensic lab specialist.

But the man Manuel came to live with was not a friend. He took one look at the slight, incredibly handsome man with the slightly feminine ways, and saw victim written all over him. Plus, he wanted some of that ass too.

In the rough streets of the Bronx some people believe if you want something just take it. So that is what this man decided to do. But he had to get some help.

“He got some guys and they came over and beat me up,” Manuel instant messaged me on Facebook. “And they took turns fucking me. No condoms, no nothing on.”

“And a few months later I ended up HIV positive.”

I noticed Manuel’s upper lip, which are full and have a delicious curve, have a scar that showed they were split. I thought it was just a harelip but now I think I know how it ended up that way.

“Well, life goes on,” he wrote. “I came home and am in college in Puerto Rico. I still hope to come back to the U.S.”

“I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

Manuel’s story is not as unusual as you may think. According to the Justice Department about nine percent of rapes that occur in the United States are male-on-male. The actual number is probably much higher because many males — and even females for that matter — are reluctant to report a rape.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens who run away and end up incarcerated are especially vulnerable to being sexually assaulted by other inmates and even jail staff, recent studies show.

I wish I could say something to make Manuel feel better. Saying sorry just didn’t seem like enough.

To read how Morgan and I met Manuel read “Sex, Puerto Rican Style” by clicking here.

how very scary and sad.
i know so many foxes, wolves, and hybrids who come to ny and get taken advantage of.
the concrete forest can be a very exciting.
it’s also a very brutal and cold world.
not everyone has your best interest at heart out here.
people can smell weakness and will use it against you.
any advice i can pass on to everyone who moves here,
or any big city for that matter,
is to make sure that you can fully support yourself and be in control of your own life.

what i mean by that is that,
sure you can move here with all intentions of trust,
but always make sure you work towards your own and can take care of yourself.
stay your ass out the clubs and off the scene until you have your own crutch.
also, do your research on your area.
once you have to depend on a wolf or even a friend,
they have “you” in their hands.

make sure that NEVER happens.

oh one more…!
the best way to not allow anyone to smell weakness is to not give them a reason too.
i keep an “attitude” on me at all times.
i am the nicest person you will ever meet,
but that new york attitude will never go anywhere because of all the crap i deal with in this city.
i don’t talk to strangers, i speak up when upset, and i can sense when someone is bullshitting me.

learn how to adapt that attitude and you will never fail.

new york is a great city.
don’t be a tourist and you will survive.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. Wow that is incredibly sad and I totally agree with you Jamari you have to have your guard up at all times. I always have that face and that presence if you come to me come correct or just leave me alone. I had ppl that I eventually became friends with say I thought you were mean that’s why I did not talk to you and I am totally find with that. There are 3 areas I do not do in NYC the Bronx they are extremely wild there those Hispanics guys really have no control not trying to be racist or anything just going off my and friends experiences, I also don’t do Jamaica, Queens, or East New York. Manuel is in my prayers.

    1. ^maybe this is why i don’t meet wolves in public.
      you don’t know if they want some…
      …or want what is in your wallet.
      i don’t take chances trying to figure.

      great comment mb.

  2. That was really sad. That’s why I always keep a lil chip on my shoulder. I wanna let people know I can go from humble to evil just as fast as a car goes 0 to 60.

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