They All Love Demetrius Jenkins

i love the ( x foxhole ig ).
it’s a place for wolves who haven’t moved me for a full feature.
^that wolf tho…
so i put up this video of demetrius jenkins on the foxhole ig.
this was him before/after the “xscape” concert:

he got the highest video views just by that video alone.
i knew we may have been onto something.
so i was moved for a foxhole feature.
check out demetrius…

he is cute.
he looks short af,
but this:

all i know about demetrius:

lives in cali
use to be in the army
super work out warrior wolf

i love it when they go hard.

lowkey: he has quite the fan club.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “They All Love Demetrius Jenkins”

  1. He’s been insta famous for quiet a while
    Jamari, he’s actually pretty tall
    He’s not a wolf though more like a fox/hybrid
    He had a brief relation with another insta famous 2 years ago, I think

      1. You can kind of tell also from looking at his IF. I want to know who the other insta famous person he was dating though? Didn’t know that…

      2. This dude will come at you hard if you ‘disrespect” him! Don’t do it ya’ll!
        He may display quirks and tendencies…but don’t go at him. LOL

  2. He aight I suppose. Not really what catches my eye but I can’t deny he has a well put together look. Never heard of him before so coming to the Foxhole always introduces me to the peoples mental floss.

    If he got ass naked I’d still look tho.

  3. I read that he’s tall in the comments…

    I usually don’t go for shorter guys but if he is nicely built and handsome then I can always make the exception

  4. I know this is going to sound judgmental & harsh, but he strikes me as full of himself. I know there’s not a ‘gay’ look, per se, but when I watched some of his videos, I got a gay (or at least bi) vibe from him. The rapping along to Nicki lyrics, the fan girling over Xscape, and the whole quasi inspirational with shade (Don’t go dragging people in 2018 even though you know you can). Like, really? Straight men talk about ‘dragging’ and ‘reading’ too? Who knows? Whatever the case, he’s sexy as hell but I’ll have to pass.

    1. @Pierre…I used to follow him and some of his “ranting” videos just turned me off, so I unfollowed him. Some people should be seen and not heard…he’s one of them. Lol

    2. You are right Pierre, he really does appear full of himself
      and by the way he is gay, a fox/hybrid and he had a quick fling with sirr__rome on IG
      that’s all for today lol

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