The USC Pre Baller Wolf Who Cried “Racist”

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 5.24.51 PMusc is having the best week ever.
josh shaw with ( x domestic abuse allegations and lying about the drowning ),
and now running back anthony brown decided to leave ythe team.
well anthony decided to leave with a scandal on his paws tho.
um its the only way to exit!
he had said that…

…his head coach,
steve sarkisian,
was a racist on his instagram account.

oprah-marie-carteri know.
of course tmz sports was on it:

TMZ Sports contacted Brown to find out what the hell happened … and here’s what he told us:

“I called a meeting up with this disrespectful guy!!! He called me a coward, all types of f**k words.”

“He stereotype my mom and dad. like he belittle me to another level.”

“I just responded Yes Sir and No Sir!”

“Never been treated like that before!! Don’t Wish it upon anyone! That’s who he is!”

with another update shortly after:

Brown says his issues with Coach Sarkisian hit a breaking point during a meeting with the coach on Tuesday. Brown says he walked into Sark’s office to talk about where he stood with the team (since he’s been injured) and was met with hostility. “When I walked in the room he said, ‘You have the f**king guts to walk in here — coward.”Brown continues, “The way he was talking to me … it was like a slave master talking to his slave.”

According to Brown, Sarkisian never used the N-word or any other racial slur … but feels the overall “tone” was racist.

Eventually, Brown says, “He told me to get the f**k out of his office.”

We reached out to Sarkisian and USC for comment — so far, no word back.

so wait…
he never used the “n word”,
but his tone was racist?

well since he made those comments,
it seems his teammates are NOT standing behind him.
nothing worse than when you have no one to cosign.
one even tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 5.36.49 PM…along with many others who have something to add.
so i had to wonder is this a case of “pre baller wolf” scorned?
or could be telling the truth?
did he quit the team because of actual racism?
or is there another issue?
the accusations are pretty random,
but then again,
only he knows how he was treated.
my gut tells me he may not be telling the whole truth to this story.
something in the scent doesn’t smell clean.
we’ll see what happens going forward.
the answers always get revealed sooner than later.
sources for article: tmz sports

x read another baller wolf in defense of steve sarkisian

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3 thoughts on “The USC Pre Baller Wolf Who Cried “Racist””

  1. My guess is this:

    He didn’t have a good relationship with Sarks because of his performance, but instead of holding himself accountable, he rather cry victim by making outrageous claims. His football career is pretty much over. That’s not hot at all.

    I admit I couldn’t take that outrageous language myself, but football being the way it is, one in that position needs to let that language roll their back or use it as motivation.

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